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Client nameOLA Cabs
Ola Cabs is an on-demand taxi service, operating via mobile application. Ola was founded in India in 2010 and is now the world’s 3rd largest ride-hailing app with around 2 million driver partners. The company has recently decided to launch their offering in the United Kingdom with drivers available in London, the South East, Merseyside, the West Midlands and more. Since their launch at the beginning of 2021 Ola has completed over 6 million successful rides in the UK.
Date10th January - Present
Case studyOla Cabs UK Launch

The main objective of our work with Ola was to assist with the launch of their UK offering. Ola wanted to learn more about their competitors and their drivers’ behaviours. As a result, we were tasked with carrying out competitor mystery shopping for Ola to learn more about how they worked against a benchmark of their competitors. Ola also wanted to learn more about their own drivers to allow them to maximise their opportunities with the launch.


The campaign saw us place Brand Ambassadors and GottaBe! Staff in competitor journey and mystery shopping scenarios to allow an insight into Ola’s competition. We then fed this back via reporting to Ola and they were able to make actionable changes to their service as well as strategically plan.

We also carried out a number of spoken assessments with drivers to learn more about them, the way they work and how they were performing at work. Again, we then used a standardised reporting format to feedback to Ola and they were able to take action to improve the service for both their customers and their driver partners.


With this campaign we were able to create increase brand awareness for Ola within their drivers and help the drivers connect to the brand better. This will likely have long-term positive effects for Ola as they will see increased employee loyalty.

From the action taken from our insights Ola have also seen an increase in driver applications as well as a significant rise in driver onboardings due to changes they have made as a result of our findings.


  • Staffing
  • Logistics
  • Field Marketing
  • Ethnic Marketing
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