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St Pierre Groupe

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Client nameSt Pierre Groupe
St Pierre Groupe is an international market leader in the bakery sector, delivering world-class bakery products across retail and wholesale markets in the UK, US, Europe, and the Middle East.

St Pierre Groupe identifies its consumer base as ABC1, so we wanted to test the product within this demographic and understand more about where consumers saw the product’s positioning in the market.


For this campaign with St Pierre Groupe, we used our Office Sampling solution instead of other traditional sampling methods. This solution aligns with the brand’s goal of understanding its consumers on a deeper level.

Our Office Sampling solution involves distributing free product samples to employees in offices across the UK. In return, consumers provide feedback through short, customised questionnaires tailored to each campaign.

We started by selecting the offices where we wanted to run the campaign and chose 30 locations, all near St Pierre Groupe’s stockists. We also created posters to promote the initiative and encourage participation in the office buildings. These posters included a QR code that allowed people to scan it and access a customised questionnaire to share their thoughts about the product.


The campaign was highly effective, with 24,000 brioches sampled and a load of invaluable consumer insights gathered such as that:

  • 5% of people very likely or quite likely to buy the product.
  • Female audiences were more likely than male audiences to buy the product again.
  • 80% of all respondents saw Brioche Baguettes as a morning occasion product.
  • A tonne of amazing filling suggestions!

  • Logistics
  • Graphic Design
  • Printed materials
  • Sampling – in offices
  • Data collection and presentation
“Working with GottaBe! offered a new approach for the St Pierre brand. To date, sampling had focused on established products. Driving trial is key to the St Pierre brand because our product quality means once shoppers try us, they will buy our products time and again. This project focused on a lesser-known product range, meaning that the insight could be used as part of marketing strategy development and in presenting to our customers. Since carrying out the activity, we have increased distribution on the product line and the insight secured through the GottaBe! project has aided that achievement.”
Lauren Meadows, Head of UK Brands, St Pierre Groupe
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