Here at GottaBe! We decided it was time that we look at how we can not only give you tips and tricks but also give you something to take away and be able to revisit should the topic be relevant to any campaigns you are working on. Thus, the launch of this page.
Here you will find a number of resources that span a breadth of topics related to marketing and how to best implement them in order to better your business. As ever, we are more than happy to help should you want to explore any methods or should you want to revisit something that perhaps wasn’t as successful as it could have been in the past.
We hope you find these resources helpful and if there’s a particular topic you can’t see here but would like to learn more about, please do not hesitate to get in touch and let us know as we would love to help you discover more!

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Student Marketing Calendar 2024-2025

Download your free digital copy of our Student Marketing Calendar for 2024-2025! University is a crazy time for students, with thousands of unique moments making up their time on and off...
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Shopping Centre Marketing

 54% of consumers prefer to do their shopping at malls mainly because of their wide and varied commercial offerings. Developing your shopping centre marketing strategy could help you to tap into this...
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Utilising emotional responses to create quality engagement

The average person is exposed to 4000-10000 advertisements a day but under 100 will grab the attention of the consumers claim, digital marketing experts. So, how can brands create campaigns that...
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Face to Face Activations in the festive period

There are many opportunities to build brand awareness in the lead-up to Christmas. With shoppers expected to spend £80 billion this year, engaging your audience and standing out from the...
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Student Marketing – How To Maximise The Opportunity Of The Student Market

With Universities soon to sign-off for another term after an extremely hard, and unusual year of studying it will not be long until they are back again. As a result,...
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What is influencer marketing?

You will have undoubtably heard of the term influencer or influencer marketing by now. Some will know about this inside out, some will know a fair bit, and some may...
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GottaBe’s guide to a great event!

Having been in operations for over 12 years now, we would like to think that we know a thing or two about events and with them being such a crucial...