Experiential & field marketing services

By engaging with your consumer and immersing them within your products or services, you involve them in the entire experience of your brand.
At GottaBe! we believe in a mantra of quality over quantity, which enables us to maximise the coverage of every campaign.
To do this, we offer our clients everything under one roof, which enhances our contact with your target audiences and ultimately increases your brand exposure.

Discover our excellent range of services including field marketing, experiential marketing, product demos & sampling, merchandising, promotional staff, digital marketing, live events, ethnic marketing, e-sampling, influencer marketing, digivan and printing.

Web Design / Development

Websites, E-commerce, Landing Pages, Blogs, Portfolios. In the digital age, consumers expect every brand to have an online home; hence, a stellar website is central to our Digital Presence Solution.

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With the rise of online shopping and the COVID-19 pandemic, brands are finding new success through this method of selling. Similar to our Product Demos/Sampling services, E-Sampling is getting your product and your brand to numerous customers, just through e-tailers.

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Influencer Marketing

With the rise of social media, it also saw the rise of the ‘influencer’ and influencer marketing. This highly sought after marketing tactic is incredibly effective and can be the key to a sell-out product.

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We are proud to offer our DigiVan to clients, enabling them to get their brand and products out there to countless consumers. Through this, they can not only further spread the message about their brand, but drive footfall to pop-ups, presence at an event, etc. It’s a great way to reach a high-number of customers, both potential and current in targeted locations.

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Media Planning and Buying (TV, Radio and Print)

TV, Radio and Print advertisement are offline marketing strategies used to reach and attract an audience. Traditional marketing channels are mostly overlooked when agencies are adopting a marketing plan due

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Programmatic Media Buying

Programmatic media buying uses automated technology which buys advertising space across platforms instead of manual methods. Programmatic media buying is not just about static display advertising. We can now utilise

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Expos & Tradeshows

Expos provide a unique platform for brands to increase success through engagement and meaningful interactions, which is why it is an offering in our engage Solution. If appropriate for your

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Social Media

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest. Today’s consumers anticipate that brands will maintain some sort of social media presence; therefore, a social media strategy is a significantly effective service

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Videography, Event Videos, Corporate Films, TV Adverts. In today’s visually driven world, audiences crave compelling visuals; thus, high-quality video content is core to our Visual Impact Solution. Step into the

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Photography, event photos, corporate headshots, team portraits. In a world where every image tells a story, having the right visuals becomes paramount. Thus, crisp and compelling photography is central to

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Field marketing

What better way to help inspire consumers to love your brand than through being with them in the field. Call us traditional but there is nothing like a bit of

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Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is a highly effective method that enables customers to develop a closer relationship between them and a brand. These typically happen in a fun and interactive scenario.

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You would be surprised at just how many stores across the United Kingdom are in need of the services offered by our merchandising agency.

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Promotional Staff

Our award winning team is here to help – we are proud to boast a roster of over 4,500 promotional staff across the UK and Ireland.

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Digital marketing

We know how best to use it in order to raise brand awareness, grow your following on social media or drive sales through your online presence.

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