How To Make The Most Of Your Promotional Staff

19th May 2021

With the UK hopefully well on the way to the road to recovery events, in-store promotions and field marketing will be vital to engaging potential consumers. Regardless of what you are promoting, promotional staff can help you to accomplish your business goals.

There are a few key benefits that promotional staff can add to your marketing activity that we will discuss in more detail. This article also recognises the importance of picking the right promotional staff, provides advice on how to pick them and how to get the most out of them.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Promotional Staff?

As discussed in our What Is Experiential Marketing blog modern consumers value an experience and this can lead to much better brand engagement, sales, and loyalty. Promotional staff can help in providing this and it doesn’t have to be a hassle. The following section explains a few benefits of employing promotional staff.

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Brand Awareness And Knowledge

Customers are very intelligent, they will often decide quickly whether the products or services you are promoting are right for them and have value over your competition. However, they do require promotional staff to help inform them before making a purchase decision.

Promotional staff can be a great tool to help educate and engage your audience at events and other promotional activities. Places with high volumes of footfall such as the Bullring Shopping Centre and Waterloo Station are great to get your brand seen by customers.

Enhanced Consumer Experience

A strong relationship with customers begins with a great first impression. A personal relationship with a brand can often create loyalty in consumers. By hiring friendly and professional promotional staff, a customer’s first personal contact with your business can always be a positive one. They will leave with knowledge of your product and a friendly face to match which can be key to encouraging loyal consumers.

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Cost-Effective Solution

Activating with the right target markets can be particularly challenging for marketers. With promotional staff, you can send friendly faces to specific locations with target demographics in mind.

This can help to reduce costs and ensure you can focus on other key aspects of the marketing campaign. With GottaBe! we can help to suggest, organise and book events or locations that are best for your campaign should you require this.

Increased Sales

Increasing the level of interaction between your customers and your products and services will ensure that your sales go up. Promotional staff improves the level of distribution of samples and promotional material that enhances your brand’s awareness and authority. This can lead to off-site sales, as customers can leave the event and research your business and where they can purchase your products and services.

How To Pick The Right Promotional Staff

Promotional staff aren’t too hard to come by, however, finding talented promotional staff who can add value to your business can present somewhat of a challenge. At GottaBe! we are dedicated to hiring promotional staff who show skill, dedication, and above all else passion. 

We are proud to boast a roster of over 4,500 promotional staff across the UK and Ireland. Working with brands such as Norton by Symantec, Dominos, and OLA Cabs, GottaBe! has vast experience in events, pop-ups, trade shows, festivals, and running sampling activities. Here we will be showing you what we look for in great promotional staff, so you’ll know what to expect from us.


The best promotional staff are those with experience, as with anything, they know the ropes, what works and what doesn’t work. Our roster of promotional staff boasts vast experience in the field and know how to represent all kinds of different brands.

Within experience, acting experience can often also help promotional staff. Often these are high-energy, bubbly personalities and this could be the seller for your product. However, acting experience isn’t necessary to have these traits, many others have them to, including our promoters.


Of course, having a well-presented, clean, and professional personal appearance is vital when our staff are representing your brand. To represent your brand appropriately our staff recognise the importance of conveying an intelligent, professional image.

Business Qualifications

An understanding of business or marketing can be really valuable in a good promoter. It can help them to understand the importance of sales and give them the knowledge of the best methods to secure a conversion in real-time.

We keep an extensive database of our employees, which we can use to shortlist the perfect employees for your hire. We keep notes on staff experience and qualifications, so we can find someone who is seriously passionate about working to promote your company’s product or service.


A lot of interactions made by promotional staff will often include the use of technology. If technology such as apps, smart devices, or interactive technology is used in your promotion you can be assured we have the staff to use it.

There is plenty of opportunity in your promotional activity to use smart technologies to help engage your audiences and that is best supported by our staff’s expertise.


The UK is an incredibly diverse place and when you are out in the field the audience you speak to will likely be from a wide range of different communities and ethnic backgrounds. It may be your campaign specifically looks to target one of these communities such as the BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) communities and others served by our sister brand GottaBe! Ethnic.

In any case, we have an incredibly diverse talent pool, some of whom speak multiple languages, something that can be very useful when out in the field. We often see that consumer’s propensity to engage with someone of a similar background, or in their native language is much higher.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Promotional Staff

Now that we have discussed the benefits of hiring promotional staff and how to select the best promotional staff, we must consider how to get the most out of those staff we have chosen. This is no different from your permanent staff, promotional staff are human as well. They require fair pay, opportunities to grow and learn as well as to be involved in work they are passionate about. At GottaBe! we look after all of that for our promotional staff. 

But to get even more out of our promotional staff we ensure they only have to worry about their role. We have dedicated Account Support Executives that deal with booking and setting up events so that our promotional staffs’ sole focus is on what they are good at, representing and promoting your brand.

We Can Help You Find The Right Promotional Staff

We know how important it is to get the right promotional staff at your event or promotional activity. As a professional promotional staff agency, we have the expertise and experience to manage the entire process from start to finish. If you would like to talk to us about promotional staffing, please get in touch and a member of the team will be happy to help.