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Domino’s is an American pizza restaurant chain founded in 1960, across the Atlantic in America. As of February 2018 Domino’s has sold more pizzas than any other retailer worldwide. As a franchise Domino’s has over 1,200 stores across the UK and are focused on delivering freshly handcrafted pizza to more customers all over the world.

Our Domino’s campaign aimed to raise brand awareness for new students during Fresher’s Fair across Southampton, Winchester and Portsmouth from 2019 to the present. Dominos wanted to create a buzz around the brand through Fresher’s Fair to maintain its place as the UK’s Number 1 Pizza Delivery Company and encourage brand loyalty.


Our promotion saw a number of Brand Ambassadors working both on our Domino’s Pizza stand as well as working around the Fresher’s Fair to help drive footfall to the stand. To help drive footfall to the stand and engage our audience, we sampled a number of different Dominos pizzas for the students.

Dominos encouraged us to run a campaign that engaged the students, so we introduced a spin-the-wheel game where students took turns trying to win prizes. These would vary in quality and, of course, were incredibly exciting for them. Prizes ranged from vouchers and promo codes to wearable merchandise to ensure that Dominos were generating revenue or driving brand recognition with these prizes.

We also utilised our Digivan to raise brand awareness. The Digivan is a great way to do this for all brands, as a large digital display can show your brand’s static or interactive message. For Fresher’s Fair, we parked this right at the entrance so everyone knew about our involvement.


  • Promotional Staffing – Brand Ambassadors
  • Logistics
  • Field Marketing
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Product Sampling
  • Digivan
GottaBe! Supplied us with promotional staff for multiple student events. All of their team members were full of energy, hard working and listened well. They also offer translation, which comes in very handy with international student marketing. We will definitely be working with them again!
Michelle Jay - Marketing Manager, Solent Pizza
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