4 Key Considerations for a Successful Freshers’ Fair

3rd July 2023

Freshers’ fairs are a major attraction for students starting at their new colleges or universities. A fresher’s fair is an event where businesses and organisations meet with incoming students to share resources, advertise their clubs and societies, and engage with students. Pulling off a great freshers’ fair takes a lot of planning and preparation. 

According to research, student numbers are expected to rise again this year. The student market allows brands to engage with audiences and create fans from a younger demographic. Studies show that students this year will also be spending more, even amidst the cost-of-living crisis; students will be investing in brands, so creating brand equity early is important.

At Gottabe! Marketing, we’ve worked with top brands such as Domino’s, Solent University, and Southern Cooperative, to mention a few, in helping them reach younger demographics through freshers’ fair, brand sampling etc. To share our insight, we have collated our top 4 tips for organising a successful freshers fair that will leave a lasting impression on your attendees. 

What marketing strategies do I need for a freshers’ fair? 

Promo codes 

Recent research has shown that 94% of students within the Gen Z age group would shop more from a brand when they are given an exclusive offer. Providing exclusive promotions & product showcases, including discounts or brand sampling in your marketing plan, would allow students to be secure in their purchase and will enable you to build customer retention. Exclusive promo codes also allow you to track the success of your promotions and give you a guide for future campaigns as well. Encouraging student participation by providing hands-on activities, demonstrations, and freebies would be best. You can read our top tips on creating the best brand experience with sampling here.

Multichannel campaign 

Make sure it is well-publicised that your brand will be at the event. Create a multichannel campaign using social media, posters, email newsletters, and word of mouth. Not only will this increase awareness ahead of the event but it will also allow you to retarget your audience past the point of activation by engaging your audience, and pre-empt them about the activities you have in store. When spreading the word about your brand’s activities, include the date, time, and location. Don’t stop at your own marketing channels, there are many campus groups like student government and faculty associations you can collaborate with to share promotions, discounts, or freebies your brand will share at the event. 

Experiential Marketing

Creating an experience that can captivate students and leave a lasting impression at a freshers’ fair is crucial. This goes beyond simply having a stall or stand. It’s about offering memorable and distinctive experiences for your attendees which increased brand recall. While working with one of our clients, Domino’s, for the freshers’ fair, we came up with a unique experience for the students, which helped the brand to achieve its desired brand awareness and maintain its place as the most preferred pizza delivery brand.

Student Ambassadors

Freshers’ fairs can often be very crowded, and it is hard for brands to gain a share of voice because so many brands compete in the same place. It is best to consider other strategic options, such as Student Ambassadors. These ambassadors can serve as points of direct contact about your brand to your consumers and get direct insight from the students about your products. You should also consider on-campus activations, Student Union partnerships and much more.  

Ready to organise a great freshers’ fair for your brand? 

Organising a fresher’s fair is a fun and challenging project. However, following these four top tips will help you prepare for a successful freshers’ fair that will help increase awareness for your product or services, get instant feedback about your brand and generate data that will help the marketing decisions for your business. 

Are you looking to work with a solution-driven marketing agency with over 15 years of experience and expertise in getting students excited and talking about your product or services? Then you should get in touch with our team of experts, who can walk you through the process and help you achieve your desired goal.