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GottaBe! is 10! – birthday messages from our Clients, Partners, Suppliers and Staff

5th March 2018

This month, GottaBe! celebrated its tenth birthday of being in business and we celebrated it by inviting all our friends, family and employees (current and previous) to a small gathering with food and drink.

Alongside this, we received numerous videos online particularly on our Facebook page from our Clients, Suppliers, Partners and past colleagues. We were extremely surprised and honoured to receive these videos from people all over the world.

To begin with, we had a lovely video from our good friend, Ken Fryer, congratulating us and asking us to let us know if we ever move to Melbourne, Australia to let him know!

Happy Birthday to GottaBe! – Ken Fryer

One of our ex-employees Ken Fryer, who emigrated to Australia in 2014 has send us his wishes! Check out the view….. (slightly jealous!)

Posted by GottaBe on Thursday, 1 March 2018


Next stop, we received a warm message from James West in Dubai who acknowledged us on such an incredible achievement!

Another birthday message – this time all the way from United Arab Emirates, from James in Dubai, a good friend of GottaBe! Thank you so much for your kind words James!

Posted by GottaBe on Friday, 2 March 2018


We were also delighted to get messages from ex-employees who thanked us for their experiences when working for the company. This means a lot to us, because as well as achieving business, we value our employees because they are a huge part of getting the company to where it is today. These include videos from James Payne, who wished us ‘all the success’…




… Hollie and Laila who thanked us for ‘the experience of working with you’.



…. Dave Vella;



… Jamie McRae!



Receiving videos from our suppliers and other business associates was also a great surprise, as it highlights the strong and close relationships we have with them. We think this is important because, the better the connection, the better the outcome is. This includes videos from Chris from Spice Films;

One of our suppliers – Chris Spice Films got a message for all of us. We really enjoy working with Chris

Posted by GottaBe on Sunday, 4 March 2018


… and one from Ewa Erdmann – one of our business Partners from Polish Business Hub;

The birthday messages are keeping coming… thanks Ewa from Polish Business Hub for a lovely video and the kinds words…

Posted by GottaBe on Thursday, 1 March 2018


Justyna and Anna from FoodStop who said ‘from a little office in Southampton to business across UK and Ireland in 10 years is a huge acheivement’.

Food Stop – Justyna and Anna

Anna and Justyna from Food Stop sending us a birthday message… Thank you for your kind words!

Posted by GottaBe on Saturday, 3 March 2018


Ram Kelly Kalyan, the project and station manager at Unity 101, described us as ‘efficient, organised and result driven’.

Unity 101 – Birthday Message

Awww…. we're absolutely thrilled to receive Unity 101 Community Radio' birthday message! It's a great pleasure to work with such a wonderful radio station. We have been lucky enough to broadcast live on The Sound of Poland for a many years now and we hope to continue this for many years to come! Thank you Kelly and the entire team at Unity 101 for your kind words – we really appreciate it!

Posted by GottaBe on Friday, 2 March 2018


Lastly, and most importantly, we were thrilled the receive videos from our Polish celebrity acquaintances Daniel Dyk from RMF FM and the biggest Polish rockband Perfect- Polands equivalent of The Rolling Stones. Dan even made a funny joke with us, where he pretended that he thought GottaBe! was one year old! We have had a strong relationship with these people for years and thoroughly enjoy working with them and hope it continues in the future.