Promotional Staff

With over 4,500 promotional staff across the UK, this is a great way to inspire consumers to love your product or service. Over our 15 years of experience, our promotional staff have worked across campaigns from sampling to leafleting and experiential activations. We have also worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands including Western Union, Domino’s Pizza, Rekorderlig and Specsavers. 

Promotional staffing is a great way to build deeper connections with your audience. Through positive experiences, we can inspire consumers to love your brand. 

Our team is unique in the sense that our promotional staff are all managed in-house by our Booking & Talent Team. A dedicated team that recruits, trains and retains the best talent in promotional staffing to ensure that we are delivering for our clients. 

Our promotional staff become an extension of your team, with the ability to inspire audiences with your brand message and become a true ambassador for your brand.

Did you know that our sister brand, GottaBe! Ethnic can help and provide you with bi-lingual promo staffing?

Facts & figures

  • Large tactical team across the UK and Ireland
  • 15+ years experienced in providing promotional staffing
  • Diverse team made of full time promoters, cabin crew, actors and actresses, students
  • Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Dedicated in-house Booking & Talent Team

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