Programmatic Media Buying

Programmatic media buying uses automated technology which buys advertising space across platforms instead of manual methods. Programmatic media buying is not just about static display advertising. We can now utilise video and audio to produce engaging creative that fits your brand story. 

Programmatic buying can rapidly capitalise on upper funnel growth and attract many new customers through targeting, which is why it is a valued service in our Attract Solution.  

At GottaBe!, we use programmatic media buying as a part of our Attract Solution to personalise the experience for your audience. Programmatic media buying allows you, as a brand, to send highly targeted messages. We can target potential audiences through intent and interests, contextual targeting, look-alike modelling, sequential retargeting, and customer intent-based targeting. These targeting methods allow us to scale quickly and attract more consumers.  

But figuring out how to use the data to your best advantage is becoming more challenging. In response, we are here to be an extension of your team and help you develop programmatic media buying into your marketing strategy. 

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Programmatic Media Buying case studies