Live events and roadshows

Event marketing involves product launches, brand activations, and sponsorship activations. Branded events are a highly valuable marketing strategy for business-to-consumer brands that will engage customers to generate leads, brand loyalty, and credibility.  

Roadshows bring your brand directly to the consumer, engaging with potential customers. Roadshows are designed so that they can relocate easily and quickly, permitting nationwide brand promotion. 

Using events and roadshows to your advantage is a key tool for engaging with your audience, which is why it’s part of our engage Solution.  No matter the size of your event/roadshow or its nature, GottaBe!’s event and road show agency will plan, organise and execute your roadshow and event marketing strategies. We are passionate about engaging your brand with its audience to generate loyal customers.  

Whether you are looking to run your own event or take part of a larger event, our team is on hand to help create, promote and execute for your brand. 

Facts & Figures

  • 4,500+ promotional staff across the UK and Ireland
  • 24% increase in-store traffic as a result of a field marketing campaign ran by us
  • After running a roadshow, the brand recognition has increased by 27% within 4 weeks
  • 150 sign-ups on average during 30-day campaign for a Client from a financial sector