What is E-Sampling?

With the significant rise in online shopping in recent years, and especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, the internet has proven such a powerful tool in reaching new customers and targeting markets which your business or brand is yet to engage with.

For many customers, it is important to have an experience with a product before they make a purchase, particularly if it is something new to them. Sampling and product demos are therefore incredibly useful ways of converting a customer who is simply browsing or interested, into one who is actually buying.

This, particularly during global pandemic lockdowns, is where e-Sampling comes in.

E-Sampling allows businesses to send samples of their products out to customers who have ordered on specific sites, which they have chosen to pair with for this purpose. If you’ve recently ordered makeup from John Lewis for example, you may have also received a perfume sample in with your order. Targeting those who have made purchases of a similar nature to what your sample is for, is a great way of reaching a likely interested audience.

Benefits of e-Sampling

  • extend the company’s reach to those who may not have heard of your brand, company or product before
  • when stores are closed, sampling can continue
  • collect valuable data about consumer trends
  • who doesn’t love a freebie!
  • build brand awareness quickly
  • try before you buy
  • staffing costs eliminated, compared to traditional in-store sampling.

We have strong relationships with retailers such as ASOS, boohoo, Next, Amazon and HelloFresh and can utilise these relationships to distribute your products to potential customers. Similar with our Product Demos/Sampling services, we can get your products and your brand in front of numerous shoppers.

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E-Sampling case studies