Our DigiVan is a mobile advertising vehicle that puts your message directly in front of the right people at the right time. Our DigiVan is a giant LED screen, unlike any other traditional out-of-home media the DigiVan can be taken directly to where your audience is. Whether that is at an event or in a prime footfall location. Our three-sided DigiVan supports all creative from statics to video supported by audio capabilities. 

It goes without saying that this is a fantastic method to attract attention to your brand and foster interaction which is why it is part of our Attract Solution. The DigiVan can also be used across other solutions to create a 360 campaign whether supporting at events to create a more eye-catching experience or creating better social content the DigiVan is a good complimentary solution. 

If you’re opening a store, pop-up shop or supermarket or are holding another event, the DigiVan works as a complementary service to our event management, as it will drive footfall to the event.

In the past, we have previously utilised the DigiVan to loop videos, use as an interactive screen or live stream at events with a highly effective impact.

Facts & Figures

  • DigiVan promotion produces high numbers of awareness in a concentrated area
  • Can target particular audiences much easier.