GottaBe! Joins The IPA, IPM And The Drum

30th June 2021

GottaBe!’s Latest News

Over the past month GottaBe! have made a number of exciting announcements. To ensure our audience are completely up to date with all things GottaBe! we wanted to put together a guide of the announcements we’ve made, why we have chosen to partner with these organisations and what it means for our customers.

GottaBe! And The Institute Of Promotional Marketing (The IPM)

Our announcements started at the beginning of June with the first being our membership to The Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM). The IPM is a trade body that represents the interest of client companies that use promotional marketing techniques and the agencies and suppliers that support them. Read more in our full article here.

The IPM will give the GottaBe! team access to skills, knowledge and experience that will help us to continue to deliver great campaigns and results for our customers. Many of the UK’s top agencies are part of The Institute of Promotional Marketing, as we strive to be among these we feel as this is a step towards achieving this.

For our clients, we believe the IPM will allow us to continuously improve the quality of our campaigns and activations. Through the IPM this will be achieved by encouraging and empowering our staff to challenge themselves to learn and develop. We are always focused on delivering the best campaigns and living by our philosophy of ‘Quality over Quantity’.

GottaBe! And The Drum

The IPM was followed shortly by our partnership with The Drum, we have partnered with The Drum in two different capacities. We have partnered with The Drum Recommends, a platform that allows our customers to openly review our services. We have also partnered with The Drum Network, a platform within The Drum that allows us to publish thought leadership articles within our specialist subject.

We have joined The Drum Recommends as we are committed to ensuring we are providing the best quality campaigns for our clients. We felt an effective way to achieve this was through allow our clients a voice to give open and honest feedback about our services. This will help us to provide better quality services across our client base in the future by understanding and resolving gaps in our offering.

The Drum Network is a platform through which we hope to showcase our thought leadership, specifically focusing on GottaBe! Ethnic. Our ambition is to become leaders within the multicultural marketing space, and we feel this is an important step towards that. Our ethnic articles will be seen monthly by over a million people, and we hope to inspire more brands to evaluate how they communicate to ethnic audiences.

Our research has already found that only one in five brands communicate to ethnic audiences, leaving people of BAME backgrounds feeling ‘underrepresented’ and ‘ignored’ in mainstream marketing. This is whilst the ethnic market represents £300 billion per year of spending, we believe more brands should be considering multicultural marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy.

GottaBe! And The Institute Of Practitioners In Advertising (The IPA)

Finally, following the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, IPA’s quarterly council meeting on June 17th, GottaBe! were elected to the IPA membership. The IPA is another professional body that helps to support and empower members on an industry, agency, and personal level.

As a professional body that supports many of the UK’s largest agencies, we have joined the IPA to associate ourselves with these other agencies. At GottaBe! we do not view other agencies as a threat to our business, we see them as opportunity, an opportunity to grow and learn from industry leaders and work collaboratively to ensure that our work and the work of the industry is upheld to the highest of standards.

The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (The IPA) will also give us access to support as an agency to deliver development opportunities to our staff but also our business. We consider ourselves to be at the forefront of multicultural marketing, with a proposition that stands out from many other agencies. We can achieve this because of our incredibly diverse team, bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise to our business. The IPA can help support GottaBe! by providing external, professional advice on subjects such as ED&I to enable us to cement our position as market leaders.

Finally, we would like to thank all the teams at the IPM, IPA and The Drum for their efforts and collaboration in making this month an extremely proud one for the team. Our team have been excellent in supporting throughout and are all excited of what this means for their personal and professional future.

GottaBe! is committed to our continued growth and we hope to have lots more exciting news for you in the upcoming months and years. If you would like to join our journey please don’t hesitate to contact us today.