Marketing Challenges 2022: How to get quality leads

Understanding how to get quality leads is one of the marketers’ biggest challenges, and this is more prevalent as we head into 2022, with consumers overwhelmed by choice. 37% of marketers find generating high-quality leads difficult. GottaBe! will be tackling the marketing challenges of 2022 head-on; this week, we discuss quality leads and share our top tips on how to get them. 

Why it is essential to get high-quality leads

Before marketers can get quality leads, they need to understand lead quality. But this is not as simple as it may sound, as 26% of respondents stated that understanding lead quality was one of their biggest challenges found in a recent study by ruler analytics. 

Not only will high-quality leads convert consumers into paying customers, but they also set your brand up by increasing customer lifetime value and retention. Creating loyalty by understanding your customers allows your brand to target your audience effectively, and lead generation maximises your brand’s ability to reach target audiences. A highly targeted approach will need to be tailored for your audience, but in return, a consistent approach will see high-quality leads that improve overall conversations and sales.

Seven ways to improve lead quality- 

Understand your audience through market research 

To create high-quality leads, your brand must understand the behaviours of your target audience to be able to reach them effectively. Once your brand has identified your audience, you can also target ‘look alike’ audiences interested in similar complementary products through social media. Understanding how your audience and a ‘look alike’ audience interacts with your brand and competitors will help you gain insight into consumer behaviours. 

Here at GottaBe! we use Global Web Index data to get a quarterly sampling of internet users to learn more about different audiences’ behaviours, discovery, and interest. This data is vital for our understanding of audiences that helps to inform campaign strategy.

Alongside the software available to us, we also gain insight from the 4,500 Community Ambassadors in the UK on our roster. Our community ambassadors give us a direct insight into various communities, including the ‘hard to reach’. Speaking over 45 languages between them, we can keep up to date with the latest consumer behaviours and trends.

As well as connecting with our Community Ambassadors GottaBe! have run two independent research projects this year. We have also supported our clients on several research projects to help them gain a better understanding of their audience. 

Strong brand purpose

Your target audience is likely also to be a competitor’s customer, so to get their attention, your brand needs to stand above the rest. By creating a solid brand purpose, your brand will be giving consumers a reason to choose your products over your competitors. Brand purpose tells consumers who your company is past your products and adds value to your products. 

Show your expertise, build brand authority, and build relationships. Show the consumer who you are!

Tailored ads 

By connecting with your audience through tailored campaigns, your brand will see lead quality much higher than if you were to spend in a broader campaign. Our brand motto here at GottaBe! is quality over quantity, and this couldn’t be truer when looking for quality leads. Campaigns tailored to the consumer’s behaviours minimised wasted advertising delivering higher ROI.  To understand how best to utilise retargeting to maximise ROI take a look at one of GottaBe! ‘s latest blogs.

Tailored ads allow your brand to build bespoke messaging for individual audiences who have previously engaged with your campaigns. Using the power of personalised ads will make the consumers feel they are being targeted personally, which increases conversion and lead quality.

Direct marketing 

Once your target audience behaviours have been locked in, your brand can look at different ways to connect with them through direct marketingWishpond found that the average CTR for retargeting ads is ten times higher than regular display ads. Taking your campaigns directly to the consumer will break down barriers as lead quality is already high as your brand is aware of consumer behaviour. Building on the customer journey through direct email marketing also allows your brand to serve the right messaging and content to the consumer and will see them more engaged with your campaigns. 

Offer useful resources

Providing free and valuable resources for your consumers on your sites or social media pages will add value as it gives another level to your products. How-to guides, tutorial videos and blogs will entice consumers to your platforms, in turn creating quality leads. Once the consumer is hooked onto your free content, they are more likely to sign up for updates pushing them further into the marketing funnel. 

Social media/ Influencers 

There is an influencer for every brand, and with their loyal followers’ influencers can be a great source of quality leads. When an established influencer advertises your brand to their followers, they market your product on their platforms and attract attention to your brands’ platform. Influencer content can be used on their social media pages and your brands, so consumers who trust the influencer’s opinion will be more likely to convert.  Influencer marketing has the same power as word-of-mouth referrals, so it should not be passed, especially when your brand is looking for quality leads. 

Make it easy for consumers 

Clear CTA’S that are engaging will help you convert leads into paying customers. By making CTA’s that are clear for consumers, your brand will guide the consumer clearly through the funnel whilst also getting out of them what you need. Telling the consumer what you want them to do allows them to make quick, impulse decisions by creating a direct path for consumers to follow. An easy journey will see more consumers converting, and your brand should then be able to collect data to understand what CTA’s work best to create high-quality leads. 

As marketing specialists, GottaBe! are here to help you tackle the marketing challenges of 2022. If your brand is looking to get quality leads but is struggling to do so, the team can help. Whether you need guidance on influencer marketing, reaching new audiences or content creation, we offer a range of services all under one roof. Contact the team today to get started.