How to market to Gen-Z

24th February 2022

We often hear people talk about the purchasing power Gen Z  hold, but how does this affect marketers in 2022? Well, the generation that grew up with technology and has never lived a day without the internet is now in their 20s and some of the most influential consumers to date. With their high standards making them hard to please, gaining their trust is no mean feat for brands. Within this post, we will look at who Gen Z are and how marketers can effectively engage them. 

Who is Gen Z?

Those born between 1996 – 2012 are classed as Gen Z or Zoomers; they are a highly socially aware generation with 98% owning smartphones. As the eldest of the generation reaches adulthood, we focus on how best we market to such a unique generation. 

To build brand affinity with Gen-Z, your brand must understand its unique needs, social etiquettes, and consumer habits. Gen-Z is not loyal as they have alternatives widely available at the touch of a button. It is now more important than ever for brands to add value and connect with these audiences to build a bond with them and create loyalty, they need to feel they are getting something out of your brand. With so much choice widely available on the internet, they understand that they can find better deals elsewhere and will wait to get a product at a discounted rate. 

Fun facts 

  • 97% of Gen Z use social media for their shopping inspiration
  • 72% of those who interact with brands on social media are “somewhat” or “significantly likely” to buy from them – Barnes & Noble College.
  • In 2019, Gen Z outnumbered millennials, making up 32% of the world’s 7.7-billion-person population. (Bloomberg)
  • The generation has an estimated purchasing power of 44 billion annually. (LinkedIn)

What is the best way to reach Gen Z?


To reach Gen Z, your brand will need to ensure that your site is mobile friendly. The generation is never without a mobile phone, and most will choose to look at products on their mobiles over desktops. With the ability to easily switch between apps, social media and the internet, Gen Z constantly interacts with the world through their smartphones. 

If your site is not compatible with mobile, then there will always be another brand that is, and Gen Z knows it. 

Social responsibility 

Sharing your purpose and your brand’s values with Gen Z could be the most beneficial thing you do. What are you going to do that benefits them and betters the world? As a generation, Gen Z is very conscious of the world’s social, environmental, and political issues, so your brand will need to align your purpose with this to engage audiences effectively. 

Young, tech-savvy, and socially-minded, Gen Z is the most racially and ethnically diverse generation ever with an estimated disposable income of $360 billion.  We have seen them lead the change for equality and know they do not fear boycotting an organisation that does not follow suit. 

Brands such as Nike and Dove are leaders in diversity and inclusion. Consistency throughout the company and branding see them as top choices for conscious consumers. Check out GottaBe! Ethnic’s 5 examples of multicultural marketing done right to find out how brands are effectively engaging ethnic audiences! 

A report carried out by 5WPR suggests that Gen Z is the most passionate about buying products from brands that align with their values. The study found that 45% of Gen Z have boycotted a business, and 36% enjoy buying products that display their social and political beliefs.

Connect with influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the most significant marketing trends we have seen in recent years, and there is an influencer for each industry. When trying to target Gen Z specifically, having an influencer share your product could be the making of your brand. As a generation that spends most of their time online, they rely on trusted sources for recommendations and build bonds with the influencers online. 

2021 Survey Monkey report found that this generation trusts influencers the most, with 11% using them as their trusted source for product recommendations – compared to 7% in millennials and 3% and lower in 40+ consumers.

Have an online presence

Let’s forget needing to be mobile-friendly for a minute. Your brand must have an online presence, and we aren’t just talking about a website. Gen Z searches social media sites and reviews forums to authenticate a brand and the products/services it offers. Without an online presence, your brand will not have the reach it needs to succeed in this day and age. 

Setting up a social media account for your brand may be the best thing you can do. Staying active on it and connecting with audiences will allow you to create invaluable bonds that will promote product recall and boost word of mouth around your brand. Social media gives a deeper insight into your brand and showcases your purpose whilst also allowing consumers to build a deeper connection that they are familiar with. 

Visual content 

Gen Z loves visual content. The more they can see rather than read, the better. Brains can take in visuals 60,000 times faster than text, so it is no wonder marketers are engaging more audiences with visual content. Your brand will have to move with the times to engage the next generation of consumers.

Video content

Don’t just stop at static images. As we know, video content is the number one choice for digital marketers, with an average attention span of Gen Z’s eight seconds (four less than millennials). Your brand will need to grab their attention by packing in as much detail as possible into a video campaign. 

Video content gives a sense of reality to a somewhat distant approach to shopping. Videos such as try on’s and hauls make consumers feel more connected with a brand or product and deliver a sense of try before you buy through the extended detail possible to capture through film. 


Finally, the most crucial aspect to consider when marketing to Gen Z is the authenticity of your brand, product or service as they can find everything! According to PRZM co-founder Liz Toney, “They’re driving spending, are behind some of the largest behavioural and cultural shifts that we see today, and are also making decisions that will affect us for years to come.”They will know if you are not on board or say the right things to be heard, and it won’t bode well. Gen Z is known for the detective-like research through their mobiles as the technology-driven generation is immersed in technological power. 

As a team of Gen- Z and Millennials, we know first-hand how to reach these audiences. As an agency, it is our job to keep up to date with the latest technology, trends and be in the know about the needs of different subgroups across to ensure we can help our clients best engage audiences. Contact our digital marketing experts to find out the most effective solutions to your marketing challenges and see how GottaBe! can help your brand today!