4 ways authenticity will benefit your brand in 2023

23rd January 2023

The rise in the popularity of authenticity is nothing new, but as we begin 2023, we must recognise its power for brands and why the trend is so important to jump on. 

Platforms, BeReal and TikTok, are the leaders when it comes to authentic content as they become a safe space for audiences to step away from heavily populated ad feeds seen on the likes of Instagram (although TikTok has now become a space for brands to advertise, the content shared is mostly authentic). As unfiltered reviews and snapshots of day-to-day real life became more popular amongst consumers, the trend has continued to grow. Brands have recognised the following and engagement that realistic videos receive and are jumping onto the trend, increasing awareness and solidifying brand purpose amongst their customers. 

The trend has now reached social media sites like LinkedIn, and we are seeing more authenticity from business leaders. We also see a big push for personal branding with Pretty Little Marketer running challenges on LinkedIn that encourage users to share more about themselves to show the faces behind the brand. 

How will showcasing my brand’s authentic side benefit me?

Confirms brand purpose 

In 2023 authenticity will force the hands of corporations who lack inclusivity within their teams as it becomes more apparent who is and isn’t upholding their diversity promises. 

Consistency has always been key for consumers, and to maintain the perceptions brands put out there, they now must be able to show they’re behind the scenes are following through. 

Increases awareness

As your brand shares its more authentic side, you may see an increase in awareness as you begin to get noticed more. We know people buy from people they trust, so you can separate your services from the competition by showing your audience who you are. 

A recent study found that almost 40% of Gen-Z head to TikTok or Instagram over Google Maps or Search when searching for something (i.e. a place to eat). Therefore, it is essential to implement an engaging presence on social media, so your brand is seen. 

Build stronger consumer relationships

Giving an insight into your brand behind the formality allows the consumer to develop a deeper connection founding a long-lasting relationship which sees them returning due to the emotions they connect with your brand. It is important to point out that this continues beyond B2C as all businesses sell to a consumer, and by being more transparent, even your B2B business can benefit from this trend. Just remember that your content should always be appropriate for your clientele.  

Higher ROI

Typically when brands create authentic content, it is best captured on a smartphone and uses staff and things already available within the workplace, so the initial cost is little to none. Consumers are much more engaged when the content is as authentic as possible rather than big-budget, high-spec ads. This means that the return on investment for authentic content is much higher as the initial investment is valued in time rather than money. 

How do I create authentic content?

As we mentioned briefly above, most content that has gone viral in the last year has been filmed on a smartphone and shared directly onto social media. Whilst we must admit this does not mean the content is easier or less time-consuming to create, the budget needed to engage audiences is much less than previous campaigns you may have run. And the perks of modern technology mean almost anyone can get started (you don’t need to be an expert)!

If your brand does not have the spare resources to create in-house content frequently (you’d be surprised how long it takes to record the perfect 30-second video), then you could consider authentic content options from elsewhere: 

User-generated content 

It is a low-cost/free sustainable option which gives the consumers a truly organic reaction from someone they can relate to. UGC can be reshared across brand platforms, like written reviews, to reinforce consumer satisfaction. And as consumers are heading to social media even more to search for recommendations recycling UGC will capture the attention of your target audience far more than a visible paid ad. 

Don’t just take our word for it; recent studies found that 84% of millennials report that UGC on a company’s website influenced what they buy. With hashtags such as #tiktokmademebuyit moving away from social media and into retail spaces, the demand for UGC has never been higher. 

Create case studies

Remember to shout about your brand’s achievements and work so that your audience knows what you can do. Case studies again provide consumers with that added level of stability that your brand is trustworthy to connect with on a project, event etc. and one of the best ways in 2023 to showcase this is through video content. People like to see what you did and how you did it, and visuals go much further than words ever could. 

This could be a simple social media takeover from one of your ambassadors or a commission to a professional videographer to capture the campaign. Whatever you do, sharing the people behind the product or service you are selling will raise your brand’s awareness. 

Most importantly, have fun with your content and ensure it’s true to your brand ethos and can be seen throughout your communications and culture. If it doesn’t align, then your consumers will soon see through. Stick to what you do and who you are, and work on improving throughout the year! If you need a helping hand at any point, contact GottaBe!, and our friendly team will guide you back on track.