The Benefits Of Creating A Positive Brand Experience

9th September 2021

Brand experience sets the tone of your brand and helps to build a loyal relationship with your customers. A memorable brand experience will highly engage your customers past what your product or service can do on its own. This high level of engagement that a positive brand experience involves helps to develop a bond between the customer and brand which creates a positive brand recall. We investigate why brands benefit from creating memorable experiences and share our tips for creating a positive brand experience. 

Why Creating A Positive Brand Experience Is Important!

Brand experience separates you from the rest. In a saturated market, the only thing that will keep a customer returning to you rather than a competitor is how you made them feel. Customers are emotionally invested with what they purchase so want to know that they are getting the most for their money. As Simon Sinek commented: “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

How Can A Memorable Experience Benefit Your Brand?

Providing a good brand experience will help your business to stand out from its competitors. We’re not just talking about a good shopping trip; brand experience goes much further than that. Consumers like to know who they are buying from and what they offer to the wider community. According to Forbes, 87% of customers who say they had a great brand experience will make another purchase from a company, compared to 18% of customers who had a very poor experience.

Having helpful and informative promotional staff (brand ambassadors) who can effectively interact in-person helps to create happy customers. When no question is too big to ask, face-to-face interaction with your customers is invaluable in gaining their trust. Make sure your staff understand the purpose of your brand and are educated on the products and services that you offer. You are not just selling a product or service, you are selling an experience and this is where the power of word of mouth should be recognised as the most valuable form of marketing.

Memorable experiences lead to repeat business by ensuring that the customer returns. Customers are willing to pay for a product or service if they receive a top-quality experience. Companies with a customer experience mindset are able to achieve revenues that are 4-8% higher than other companies in the same industry/sector. Brands should consider creating experiences that engage all 5 senses. Sensory user experiences cultivate meaningful long-lasting relationships that help you to stand out from the rest.

How Can I Create A Positive Brand Experience?

There are many ways to deliver a good brand experience that keeps you at the forefront of a consumer’s mind. For example, furniture giant IKEA hosted a sleepover at their Essex, Lakeside store in reaction to a Facebook group with over 100,000 members which was titled ‘I wanna have a sleepover in IKEA’.  100 of the 100,000 group members were chosen to have a memorable in-store sleepover. IKEA were able to fully immerse the participants in their brand experience by asking each customer to choose their bed, pillows, and bedding from the IKEA catalogue. Each customer was then able to build their bed themselves, just as they would if they had purchased a bed from IKEA.

Alongside the many memorable goodie bags and the provided entertainment, IKEA invited sleep experts along to offer their tips for a great night’s sleep. Not only did the event benefit the guests who received free expert advice and a memorable night’s sleep, it also helped bedding to become IKEA’s most popular product category. Since the success of the Essex sleepover, IKEA have run the very same event globally and are set to continue it. 

“A brand experience resembles the experiences you have with the people in your life. Just as your perception of someone is formed by every direct or indirect interaction with them, so is your perception of a brand. It is literally everything you have seen and heard – or even felt or smelt or tasted – about it. The brand experience is everything you know about a brand.”

Marty Neumeier, author of ‘The dictionary of brand’

10 Tips To Help You Create A Positive Brand Experience

  1. Employ knowledgeable brand ambassadors
  2. Make the customer feel valued – provide benefits for loyal customers
  3. Understand your brand purpose – this sets the tone for your audience 
  4. Understand consumer needs and wants
  5. Put experiences over sales – run in-store events or pop-ups to bring your brand to life and provide interactive engaging experiences such as competitions
  6. Support local communities and charities 
  7. Sampling – consumers love to get something for nothing!
  8. Represent – ensure your campaigns also represent minority groups
  9. Communicate – adopt two-way communication channels and show customers that you care about their opinions
  10. Dynamic media – create content that engages audiences 

Positive and memorable brand experiences build better connections with customers which will in turn deliver long-term results for your business and its bottom line.

Our Brand Experience Experts Are Ready To Help

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