Marketing challenges 2022 – How to reach the right audience

15th December 2021

Knowing how to reach the right audience is key to delivering an effective campaign. By understanding your audience your brand can create targeted ads that meet consumer needs. We will be looking at the marketing challenges of 2022 in this series. To start with we will be discussing; how to reach the right audience so your brand can create effective campaigns tailored for your target audience. 

Why is it so important to market to the right audience?

In a recent study by Ruler Analytics, 30% of respondents stated that reaching the right audiences was one of their biggest marketing challenges. 

Identifying a target audience allows brands to connect with consumers who are the most likely to purchase a product or service. By reaching the right audience a brand will see a higher ROI and an increase in sales as they will be able to deliver appropriate campaigns that engage with the consumer. 

How to identify the right audience?

Before your brand can begin to create campaigns, it must first understand who the target audience is, to do this you need to consider who the product or service connects with. Looking into competitors will give you an insight into the audience you wish to reach as your brand will be able to see their marketing strategy and identify a similar audience. 

Creating ads for your target audience will help your brand to get a better understanding of audience behaviour which will then inform later campaigns. Understanding the behaviours of your audience will help your brand to create tailored campaigns that effectively engage with the audience. 

How to reach a new audience? – 5 expert tips 

The differences between audiences should not be dismissed. Understanding these will allow your brand to have a greater understanding of your target audience and will therefore be able to make informed, personal connections. When researching audience behaviours, data should be collected and used appropriately to reach audiences individually.

Reaching the right audience increases the likeliness of your brand making sales. Marketing to the wrong audience wastes time and resources especially as your marketing materials need to be tailored. There are many factors to consider when looking to reach the right audience below we will be discussing our top 5 tips; 


Each audience has personal preferences and needs and as marketeers it is our job to understand these needs and create messaging that appeals to the specific audience to generate an intent to purchase.

This can differ between age, race, culture, gender, and religion. For example, GottaBe! Ethnic help brands to connect with the 9.3 million people living in the UK from an ethnic minority, as only 1 in 5 brands currently reach out to ethnic audiences. GottaBe! Ethnic understands that each community has differing needs, tastes, and behaviours; and brands need to also understand this to run effective campaigns within the communities. 

When looking to reach ethnic communities you will need to build brand awareness and trust within the community. Getting places of authority on board with your campaigns will help to break down any barriers that may be stopping the minorities from converting into customers. 

Cultural differences

When trying to expand overseas into a new territory your brand must understand the cultural differences within the new territory. Whilst it may be fairly simple to take a US brand and bring it to the UK it will not be this way from the UK to China or even parts of Europe. Each country or continent has differing opinions, values, and history that affects marketing materials.


When reaching new audiences, it is important to consider the platforms that will be most effective. This will of course be dependent on your brand also but looking at both digital and traditional marketing will allow your brand to raise brand awareness. 

Here at GottaBe! we believe that both digital and traditional marketing work hand in hand and combining traditional methods such as experiential marketing and digital campaigns on social media will widen your reach creating higher engagement. GottaBe! has created the ultimate social media guide to help your brand make the most out of the platforms and increase overall engagement.

Influencers are an excellent marketing tool to use when looking to reach new audiences as they have loyal followers who trust they will share quality content. By collaborating with influencers your brand can create content for your platforms but also benefit from the influencer sharing your brand with their audience. Building relationships with influencers will benefit your brand long term. 

TOP TIP – Allow influencers creative freedom when they create campaigns for you as they are more authentic, and consumers do not like scripted ads.


Whether you are an e-commerce store or have a store on the Highstreet the location of your marketing campaigns matters.  Out of Home (OOH) can be utilised for any type of brand and the more creative the better as you want to stand out. But OOH works because it reaches audiences where they will be. The location of your campaigns should be carefully thought through, with things such as wealth and status considered. When looking to reach a lower-class person living within a city making use of transport link OOH sites such as bus stops and train stations, as this is where your audience is likely to be. Location is important for OOH that looks to make an impact nationwide but not in the way you may think. Spending on creative buzzworthy installations that will be shared across social media will mean your brand does not have to have an OOH site in every city, but 2-3 big installations in the country’s biggest cities will take your brand to the people, in the most crowded places.


Of course, the language of your campaigns is vital to the effectiveness of the message as an audience must understand what you are trying to say. Within the English language your text must be clear and precise for all to read but when turning your English text into a foreign language google translate isn’t enough. Here at GottaBe! We have found printed materials containing multiple languages to be highly successful when reaching new audiences. 

There are many ways to reach the right audience for your brand. By understanding the consumer behaviours your brand can tap into the audience through marketing materials and eventually push them through the marketing funnel. Here at GottaBe! we can help you with all your marketing woes and we will be continuing to share our expert tips to beat the challenges of marketing in 2022. Contact us to have a chat with a member of the team to see how we can help you to reach the right audience.