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Anna Lewandowska

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Client nameAnna Lewandowska
Well-known within the Polish community, Anna is a famous fitness and nutrition specialist and Poland’s former representative of traditional karate. She is also married to Robert Lewandowski, a striker for the Barcelona La Liga club and captain of Poland’s national team. Anna has built a significant online following and community due to her active presence on social media. She predominantly shares lifestyle and fitness content, empowering millions of men and women every day.
DateSunday 12th May 2024
Case studyHealthy Day by Anna Lewandowska 2024

After a six-year-long break, the objective of our campaign was to plan, set up, and run Anna Lewandowska’s health and fitness in-person event, ‘Healthy Day by Anna Lewandowska.’

We decided the number of attendees for the event and that the location was to be in London. So, our task was to find an appropriate venue, arrange sponsors, equipment, sales, and carry out all the logistics for Anna and her team.


We arranged for the event to be held at the Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub because it had ample space for all 400 attendees, designated dressing and rehearsal areas for Anna and her Healthy Team, convenient parking, and excellent transport links. Once the venue was secured, we booked the staging and sound equipment. After finalising these bookings, we organised the logistics for Anna’s team travelling between Poland and the UK, including handling merchandising and necessary equipment.

To support the event, we created a dedicated webpage on the GottaBe! health website, developed a media plan, and managed ticket sales to the public. A selection of our Brand Ambassadors assisted at stalls and registration areas to ensure the event ran smoothly, ensuring all attendees were signed in, received their goodie bags, and had everything they needed. We specifically chose Brand Ambassadors fluent in English and Polish to ensure clear communication with our primarily Polish audience.

To enhance the audience’s experience, we also set up meet-and-greet zones where attendees could interact with Anna and her Healthy Team.


The event was a great success, with sold-out tickets, positive feedback, and high sales at the GottaBe! Health store, and a high demand for another event.


  • Event planning, logistics, and execution
  • Securing sponsorships & event partners
  • Promotional staffing – Brand Ambassadors
  • Social media marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Ticket sales
  • Merchandise
  • Print

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