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Why and how to reach out to students?

With the new academic year in a full swing – this is a great chance to target students with your marketing campaigns, but this doesn’t only mean when they come together at fresher or re-freshers fairs. By utilising students as a target market that are already clearly outlined, brands can create campaigns that will engage […]

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My week at GottaBe! – work experience

I’m Hannah a 16-year-old college student, I’ve been luckily enough to do my work experience at GottaBe! Marketing. Having be given the opportunity to work at a company like this it was very exciting. At the start, I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect but 3 days in and I started to […]

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GottaBe! supporting Apprenticeship Scheme by welcoming, 16 year old to the team

Thousands of students have completed their GCSE exams and are preparing for the future. Although most school leavers are relaxing for summer and are opting to continue their studies at Sixth Form College come September; for some, college can be seen as a daunting and unappealing option. Therefore some students seek alternatives like an apprenticeship […]

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