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Peer-to-peer marketing, have you tried it yet?

In A. Ries and J. Trout’s book “Positioning: The Battle of Your Mind”, they talk about the unbearable noise customers have to deal with nowadays. The authors argue that the marketing and advertisement world is over communicated; making it even more difficult for our message to get to the target audience. To stand out from […]

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The importance of getting products into consumer’s hands

We live in the day and age where we can buy any product/service online. So why are we in business? The reason being is that we as consumers enjoy getting our hands on the products and learning more about them before making the decision on whether to buy them. How often have you spent money […]

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Mass Merchandising With Western Union

If you have recently seen the yellow and black of our blue chip client – Western Union – around the UK, there is a strong possibility that it has GottaBe! from us! Okay, that may not have worked as the perfect play on words, but our Brand Ambassadors have been busy travelling the length and […]

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