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Why and how to reach out to students?

With the new academic year in a full swing – this is a great chance to target students with your marketing campaigns, but this doesn’t only mean when they come together at fresher or re-freshers fairs. By utilising students as a target market that are already clearly outlined, brands can create campaigns that will engage […]

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Southern Co-op gets fresh for Freshers

As the new academic year is in full swing, the team at GottaBe! worked with Southern Coop to engage with new students at the University of Southampton, Bournemouth , Portsmouth and Bristol to promote Southern Coop food and their 10% NUS discount for students. This was a perfect way to make the transition to moving […]

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When Is The Best Time To Target Students?

Throughout the year, many companies target students with marketing campaigns, tapping into a lucrative market that can be individually targeted around key dates in the student calendar. This is because times of celebration, receiving money and welcome events, are significant to student life. Therefore, below is a list of key dates and periods that we […]

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