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February = month of sports

This February is a huge month for sports across the world, as a variety of different events take place. From competitions such as the Winter Olympics to NBA finals, this is the perfect month for die-hard sports fans.   Beginning with the most well-known sports event worldwide, the 2018 Winter Olympics will begin on Friday […]

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Plan ahead – key dates for Q3 and Q4’2016

Looking for a way to help you plan your activity this year? Kit Bannerman, Account Support Executive helps out.. In marketing and particularly retail it is vital that you keep on top of the events in throughout the year. It is so important to plan ahead all field marketing, experiential or event PR stunts activities […]

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Why ethnic marketing should be part of your 2015 plan?

Britain’s multicultural population is booming and has an ethnic population of over 8 million accounting for around 13% of the total population. Each year the ethnic population is steadily growing by on average 2.5%. The UKs multicultural population has a disposable income of over ÂŁ300 billion, and it isn’t surprising to see that multicultural Britain […]

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