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700 stores merchandised on behalf of Western Union

Between 7th and 17th October, a team of Brand Ambassadors executed a merchandising activity on behalf Western Union, world’ biggest money transfer company. Similarly, to previous activities, GottaBe! has visited 700 of Western Union’ agent locations in more then 70 cities and towns across the UK to deliver and install new POS materials (flyers, posters, wobblers). Recently, […]

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Value Of Black Friday In The UK

This time last year, I wrote a blog about the Traditions of Black Friday, looking into the UK’s newfound fascination around what is arguably the World’s single largest discount day. A year on, is our fascination still the same or have things changed?   Originating in the United States around the 1960s, Black Friday is […]

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How Black Friday is taking the UK by storm?

Traditionally, Black Friday marks a key date in the American calendar where consumers go crazy in what is seen as the unofficial countdown to Christmas. It marks the first Friday after Thanks Giving and has become the busiest retail day of the year in the United States, with huge discounts given to shoppers for one […]

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