Student Marketing for the 2024-2025 Academic Year: Engaging the Next Generation

20th May 2024

As the 2024-2025 academic year approaches, brands have a unique opportunity to connect with a vibrant and dynamic audience: students. 

With their evolving preferences, tech-savviness, and openness to new experiences, students represent a valuable market segment. At GottaBe! Marketing, we understand the intricacies of student marketing and are here to share insights on how to engage this demographic effectively.

Understanding the Student Market

Students today are digital natives, growing up with technology at their fingertips. They value authenticity, social responsibility, and personalised experiences. To capture their attention, brands must be innovative, genuine, and aligned with their values.

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Strategies for Effective Student Marketing

1. Leverage Digital Platforms:

Students spend a significant amount of time online, making digital platforms the perfect medium for engagement. Utilise social media channels like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat to create visually appealing and interactive content.

2. Create Interactive and Immersive Experiences:

Engage students through interactive and immersive experiences. Virtual events, augmented reality (AR) campaigns, and gamification can capture their interest and encourage participation. For example, hosting a virtual scavenger hunt or an AR treasure hunt on campus can create excitement and buzz around your brand.

3. Offer Student Discounts and Deals:

Financial considerations are significant for students, especially with the current cost of living crisis. Offering exclusive discounts, deals, and student loyalty programs can attract and retain this audience. 

4. Utilise Creators:

Influencers play a crucial role in shaping student opinions and trends. Partner with micro-influencers and content creators within university communities to promote your brand authentically. These influencers directly connect with their peers and can effectively communicate your brand message.

5. Engage with On-Campus Activities:

Sponsoring or participating in on-campus events and activities can give students direct access. From welcome fairs and fresher’s week events to sports tournaments and student union activities, being present at these events allows for face-to-face interaction and brand engagement. 

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Case Study: Domino’s Freshers Fairs


Domino’s aimed to boost brand awareness among new students during Fresher’s Fairs across Southampton, Winchester, and Portsmouth from 2019 onwards, solidifying its position as the UK’s top pizza brand.


Brand Ambassadors manned the Domino’s Pizza stand and engaged with students throughout the fair. We offered pizza samples to attract footfall and introduced a spin-the-wheel game with prizes ranging from vouchers to exclusive merchandise, enhancing excitement and engagement.


– Promotional Staffing (Brand Ambassadors)

– Logistics and Field Marketing

– Experiential Marketing

– Product Sampling

– Digivan for enhanced brand visibility at event entrances

For more information on this case study, please click this link.

Looking Ahead: Trends for 2024-2025

1. Hybrid Events:

With the blend of online and offline experiences becoming the norm, hybrid events will continue to gain popularity. Combining virtual and physical elements can maximise reach and engagement.

2. Personalised Marketing:

Personalisation will be key. Tailoring content and offers to individual preferences and behaviours will enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

3. Focus on Mental Health and Wellbeing:

Supporting student mental health and wellbeing will resonate strongly. Brands that prioritise and promote wellness initiatives will connect more deeply with students.


Student marketing for this upcoming academic year requires a blend of digital innovation, authenticity, and social responsibility. By understanding student preferences and leveraging effective strategies, brands can create meaningful connections and drive lasting loyalty.

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