Navigating the Gen Z Student Calendar: Going Beyond Freshers

17th June 2024

Navigating the student market requires more than hitting the obvious milestones like freshers’ week, graduation, or varsity events. While these are fantastic opportunities, they also attract fierce competition from numerous brands competing for attention.

At GottaBe! Marketing, we believe in uncovering the full spectrum of engagement possibilities throughout the academic year.

Student Life: Beyond the 9-5

Unlike the traditional 9-to-5 routine, students operate on a schedule that’s fluid and diverse. Their activities span from early-morning lectures to late-night study sessions and social gatherings.

This flexibility means marketing efforts must be equally adaptable and strategically timed to catch them in their varied routines.

On-Campus Presence: Where Students Thrive

Recent trends show students spending an average of three additional hours on campus each week. This extended presence creates numerous touchpoints for brands to engage directly and meaningfully.

Whether it’s through campus events, clubs, societies, or simply hanging out in communal spaces, every moment presents an opportunity to connect.

Unlocking More Opportunities with the Student Marketing Calendar 2024-2025

To help brands seize these opportunities effectively, we’ve curated a comprehensive resource: the “Student Marketing Calendar 2024-2025”

This free whitepaper details over 150 unique occasions and events tailored specifically for student engagement. From academic milestones to cultural celebrations and everything in between, this calendar offers insights into when and where brands can make an impact.

Ready to dive into the dynamic world of student marketing beyond freshers’ week? Download your free copy now and discover how to leverage every moment of the academic year to connect with Gen Z students.

Want to craft a strategic student marketing campaign that makes a lasting impact? Contact us today to explore how we can elevate your brand’s presence on campus and beyond.