Media Planning and Buying (TV, Radio and Print)

TV, Radio and Print advertisement are offline marketing strategies used to reach and attract an audience. Traditional marketing channels are mostly overlooked when agencies are adopting a marketing plan due to the current uprise in digital.  

TV, Print, and Radio advertisements continue to be important in attracting a diverse range of customers, which is why they are an important service within our Attract Solution. Traditional marketing provides the opportunity to reach a large audience in ways other services cannot. 

Within our Media Planning and Buying solutions we are able to create a bespoke plan of how to reach your audience. Building a media plan, content strategy and developing content to attract your target audience. 

We provide traditional marketing methods such as TV advertisement, print advertisement, and radio advertisement to complement the Attract Solution. We assist your business in attracting a broader audience and provide a start-to-finish solution, we develop concepts and ideas for your brand and see to their placement in TV, print, and radio advertisements. 

Traditional marketing channels such as TV, Radio and Print are no longer just about reaching everyone. We can now overlay audiences and utilise video on demand (VOD) channels to attract the right audiences. 

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Media Planning and Buying (TV, Radio and Print) case studies