Why experiential marketing?

29th September 2014

Experiential marketing is a perfect way of providing a tangible experience for the consumer. Whether it be through online platforms such as, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or even better, in person.

Reaching Consumers With Experiential Marketing

Social media is a great way to connect with your target but nothing beats a hands on experience. An experiential experience allows consumers to interact and get a real feel for the product and brand. Also providing them the chance to come to a conclusion themselves, rather than being bombarded with information.

Marketers Are Choosing Experiential Marketing

More and more marketers are paying out on experiential marketing because of its numerous benefits. Experiential marketing is also a great way for brands to connect directly with consumers and increase awareness of what they are promoting. Additionally, it is a chance to build long lasting relationships and increase brand loyalty. Putting on a live event is the chance to provide the consumer a positive experience, which should inevitably provoke positive brand emotions and encourage sales.

Experiential marketing is growing at a fast pace, simply because it has so much to offer. In comparison to many other traditional marketing campaigns, the experimental strategy allows for communication on a greater personal level. Therefore it is arguably a very influential marketing tool, which can encourage a stronger degree of emotional engagement.

More Great Experiences For Potential Customers

What’s more, experiential marketing is an opportunity to get the brand well known. Offering a memorable experience is more effective than pushing messages using other forms of marketing. Using a live event to promote a product, provides the opportunity for the consumer to make a rational decision on the product. Which is often stimulated by an often positive emotional connection. In addition, experiential events are the chance for a brand to show off its products features and accommodate a good learning platform for brands. This is because the personal interaction with consumers allows for immediate feedback, helping to understand what the consumer was and wasn’t satisfied with.

Say No To… 

Nobody likes to be hassled with spam emails and cold calls, which is why experimental marketing is a good way to prevent annoying consumers. It allows for people to experience the product at their own pace and at their own control. When the consumer is in control is allows them to see the benefits they want to see and are therefore generally more satisfied. This satisfaction is more than likely to generate engagement and continued purchasing.

An added benefit of experiential marketing is that it is very cost effective and can be relatively in expensive, meaning marketers can save greatly and get at great ROI. Although an experiential event may only target a selected number of people directly, it has the benefit of getting people talking and sharing the products features on the likes of social media and word of mouth to marketers is very important.

Written by Jasmine Sterling, PR & Comms Executive at GottaBe!