What is the difference between Brand Ambassador and Promoter?

25th July 2014

All over the world, marketing brands are naming their promotional staff differently. Agencies are using ‘Brand Ambassador’, ‘Reps’ and ‘Brand Advocate’, to name just a few, as an alternative to the more generic ‘Promo Staff’. Why is this? What benefits does this bring? Does it make any difference to the work they do?

The generic ‘Promo Staff’ label is the common term the public are used to and gives them an impression of staff that work within the promotional industry on the street, pesting the general public. However, as you can imagine, the change in name is to change the perceptions to the general public and the staff themselves; it ultimately gives them a more professional title, which in turn will hopefully affect the way they work. Each agency in turn trains its ‘Promo Staff’ differently so the quality varies.

Promoting a specific brand to the general public can be very difficult and many would argue that first impressions are crucial when engaging with potential customers or clients. Simply, by changing the job title to something more professional creates an easier platform for the promoter to build rapport. Additionally, having that new, professional job title will encourage the promoter to act a certain way, giving better service and a great first point of contact between the potential customers and the brand in turn making them more likely to purchase the goods/services.

At GottaBe!, an award winning field and experiential marketing company, based in the coastal city of Southampton, they use the term ‘Brand Ambassador’. GottaBe! explain that having the title ‘Brand Ambassador’ means that staff must deliver a positive and engaging experience for the brand through their training and vast amounts of experience. The individual becomes an ambassador for both GottaBe! and the brand they are promoting. – We believe that Brand Ambassador should act also as an ‘Expert on Demand’, he or she should know as much about the product as the client’s staff itself – says Tomasz Dyl, Managing Director of GottaBe!.

Brand Ambassadors are the first point of contact for most customers so it is important that they are inviting and have brilliant product knowledge to confidently answer any questions the customers may have regarding the products/services. Having these qualities will ultimately lead to them really drive sales for the clients, achieving the results needed and going that extra mile – says Dyl.

GottaBe! strongly believes that their staff feel a sense of pride and responsibility when having the title of ‘Brand Ambassador’ creating a more driven, professional individual that will produce greater results for the client.

There are many different titles your business could choose to give your promotional staff to enhance their production of sales for your clients. When choosing the name try to think how it will affect both your target market and your staff, trying to bring the two together on a level platform to create strong rapport and an environment for engaging conversation and solid sales results.

Whether it is ‘Brand Ambassador’, ‘Promo Team’ or ‘Brand Advocate’, the name says something about your business and can encourage staff in different ways. Choose wisely as it does impact the work ethic of the so called ‘Promo Staff’. We have over 4,500 brand ambassadors, nationwide, on our roster and can help you and be an extension of your salesforce. For more information on our Brand Ambassadors and how they can help with your upcoming campaigns, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Story written by Callum Stanley and Adam Wakeford