We’re featured in Field Marketing Magazine as a leading agency and supplier!

2nd June 2018

Last week, GottaBe!’s Managing Director Tomasz Dyl, took part in an interview for Field Marketing and Brand Experience magazine. This also coincided with GottaBe!’s tenth birthday of being in business. The magazine asked Tomasz about the tenth anniversary and how it became the business that it is today. At the beginning of the interview, Tomasz described GottaBe! as hie “little baby!” but then goes on to describe the agency as an award-winning, independent marketing agency which specialises in field and experiential marketing. Over the past ten years, GottaBe! has grown more and more successful and is now delighted to be featured on and is listed as a leading agency and supplier.

Tomasz then describes how each day at the office is different given the nature of the job and the field of work he is in. One phone call or email has the ability to change the entire day. The day begins with a team meeting where the key findings from previous days are discussed. Tomasz likes to take a ‘hands on approach’ as the managing director and does this by playing a role in each campaign and if he is free, he will go along to a campaign that is taking place at the time and talk to the Brand Ambassador’s and help out.

Alongside this, the business follows a ‘quality not quantity’ approach when it comes to marketing and always makes sure no material is recycled. This keeps GottaBe! at the top of its game in the industry, along with checking the news from across the world. Tomasz uses numerous industry portals that feed information throughout the day to ensure he is up to date on current affairs.

Over the past ten years, there have been a variety of highlights that the agency has faced including putting in the copious amount of work that it has taken to get the business to where it is today. Tomasz started GottaBe! when he was only 17 years old and with Britain not being his native home, he had to overcome some challenges to get to where he is now. Once getting over these hurdles, he managed to secure some of the world’s leading and recognised brands. These include Specsavers, Dominos, Western Union and easyJet. What makes this such an achievement is the fact that many of these clients have been working with us for 10 years now.

When looking at the future for GottaBe!, Tomasz wants to continue to expand the business and as the industry and the marketplace changes, the agency will too. We are always on the lookout for new markets that can take GottaBe! and further expand our international portfolio.