Top tips for hiring a field and experiential marketing agency

16th September 2014

Hiring a field and experiential marketing agency can be a difficult decision, choosing the right one might be even harder. Hopefully, with our top tips, you will find it a little bit easier! 

Tips For Hiring A Field And Experiential Marketing Agency

  1. Don’t be a keen bean – It is crucial to be 100% certain that you want to hire an agency. Don’t send out a proposal request before you are sure. Look at every aspect the agency can offer you and what they cant. Do you really want to be looking for a new agency to complete the unfinished job, half way through your campaign?
  2. Know your stuff – know what you want; don’t let the agency use the same boring strategy they always use. Go for an agency at specialises in a specific area that interests you.. for example an experiential & field marketing agency. That way you know that they will have vast knowledge and experience in that field.
  3. Enthusiasm is a necessity – Pick an agency that is passionate and love what they do. Make sure they are enthusiastic about their clients and go that extra mile to reach success. After all you don’t want to feel like you’re just a number bringing them in some money. It’s also important that you like the agencies way of doing things. This is fundamental in a good relationship; if you can’t get along, then it’s not going to work out and can damage your credibility with the brand.
  4. Trust is key – Make sure you can feel comfortable trusting the agency with your campaign. Do a little research and find out its expertise (and hire on that basis). If you want to target a high volume of consumers then it may be wise to go for a big agency that can help you achieve that. After all, if they don’t have the resources, they surely can’t help you! Be sure to set a list of objectives from the outset and be crystal clear about expectations, whilst establishing any off limit areas. Most of all, make sure you set a budget- and stick to it !
  5. Ditch the craziness – If you want success, then its key to have a well thought out structure. Don’t just go for the cheapest agency because it wont be cheap in the long run. Pick an agency that is best suited to your needs and can offer you what you need. Perhaps pick a few and see what they can offer you, then decided once you’ve weighed up the pros and cons.
  6. Still got it? – Ask to see previous and current work; if it all looks the same then ditch it. You want an agency that is bursting with new, exciting and current ideas, that are relevant to today’s market and not from a decade ago
  7. What’s in the closet? Know the agencies past! – Ensure you know the agencies past and look around for cobwebs. Look into the agencies success rate and how they’ve helped their clients. You don’t want to pick an agency that isn’t rewarding.