The Road To Reopening

23rd March 2021

The time that we have all been waiting for is soon to be upon us. We are nearing the reopening of shops, restaurants, bars, gyms and various other amenities and our team for one cannot wait to be able to enjoy them again! With this in mind, now is the ideal time to start considering your company’s marketing strategy and planning for this in light of the reopening in the next few months. If you’ve not yet started to think about this, don’t panic! Rest assured, it’s not too late – read on to find out how certain key services can greatly help get your brand and business recognised as lockdown eases.


We appreciate that we have all been in this global pandemic for over a year now, and businesses may have already established their printing services. However, were you aware of the new regulations in terms of printing around disposable menus, new instructions and restrictions, using stickers and so on, all to ensure safety and compliance. If your business needs help to understand these new rules and how to implement them effectively choose our print marketing service to benefit from the proven skills and knowledge in the GottaBe! team.

Throughout the three lockdowns, we have assisted a number of our clients in creating plastic points of sale, installing PPE and having it readily available wherever necessary, and ensuring all government guidelines have been adhered to. One of our clients in particular, Western Union, has really appreciated our help in ensuring the continued safety of their staff and customers. Take a look here at what we have done to achieve a safe environment in Western Union stores across the country. Andrea Simon, Assistant Marketing Manager for the company has praised GottaBe! for our “approachability and speedy response times” which is crucial at a time like this when reopening’s need to be done well and right in order to reconnect with and acquire customers again.

Brand Ambassadors & Promotional Staff

Promoters and brand ambassadors are an invaluable asset to any marketing campaign as they can really help to enhance your businesses marketing and bring a real-life, more personal feel to it. If you are unsure of what a brand ambassador is, we tell you all you need to in our recent blog here. Brand ambassadors can greatly help to increase footfall into your stores by engaging with them on the street or outside and driving traffic into the shop through speaking to people, supporting your brand and products and generally just being able to give a personal edge that leaflets for instance cannot achieve.

Brand ambassadors can also work to manage queues and advise customers on the hands, face, space message that has been so key throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and no doubt will be beyond it too. They can reinforce social distancing messages and check they are being adhered to, or if they are not then they can kindly and quietly remind customers of this requirement. Find out how GottaBe! has used brand ambassadors/promotional staff for a variety of different brands and how we can similarly help your business here.


Influencer marketing is one of the more modern types of marketing strategy out there, and many businesses are choosing to adopt this approach for the wide reach and quick growth that it has the ability to offer. It uses endorsements and product mentions from individuals who have a dedicated social following and are viewed as experts within their niche. From lifestyle and beauty to food and fitness – these are just some of the topics that influencers frequently post about to their dedicated, trusting followers who they have spent time building a virtual relationship with.

Influencers can and should be utilised hugely for the reopening of businesses; they can get the message out there to the right people in the required locations and at a cost which won’t outweigh the benefits. They can promote key reopening dates and the fact that it will be achieved in a safe manner. Influencers can bring real-life excitement for ‘normality’ to their message through videos, reels and Instagram Lives, and can also run giveaways and/or be gifted with products themselves to promote and draw followers in.

Over the years, the team at GottaBe! has developed a number of influencer marketing campaigns, using a range of influencers from nano (between 1,000 to 5,000 followers) to mega (1 million+ followers). GottaBe! has access to an ever-growing database of influencers to suit a wide range of audiences. We create unique Influencer Media Packs in relation to your specific product and brand, inclusive of everything you need to know about a variety of influencers in order to make the best decision of who to use for your campaign. Find out how we our influencer marketing service help begin or enhance your influencer journey.


A digivan is a great way of targeting people picnicking with friends and family in parks for example, as footfall will soon start increasing as lockdown restrictions ease and the Spring weather continues to be warm and bring lighter evenings. So why not consider a big ‘advert on wheels’ which can travel around for all to see! It’s a great and different way of advertising which captivates audiences by making them curious as to what the message on the van says and what it’s all about. GottaBe! offers the digivan mobile billboard advertising service and you can learn more on this here. We believe that with the upcoming celebrations and outdoor live events soon to be allowed, that a digivan could be a great way of putting the reopening message out there.

Plan Your Reopening Marketing With Our Expert Help

So, now you know that it’s time to start planning your marketing ready for the exciting prospect of reopening! If you’ve not started yet, don’t worry, as we said earlier it’s not too late – the long Easter bank holiday weekend is coming up, the weather is improving and we can really see light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine rollout. This is the ideal time to talk to us about your reopening strategy and how we can help you to achieve this as quickly and effectively as possible!

Please feel free to get in touch with us today or book in a meeting at a time to suit you now.