The Pencil project!

3rd December 2018

The humble pencil. At GottaBe! our pencils are important to us. Our pencils are used to design your marketing campaign. They need to be of the best quality and function. With our creative ideas, what other piece of equipment can do the job? Design a campaign, rub it out, update it, rub it out, start again and eventually deliver you the project that fits your company’s plan perfectly; completely customised to suit you.

Unique Marketing Campaigns

We love our pencils so much that we want to give you the chance to use them as well. Why not create your own design and have a one-to-one chat with us to determine exactly what we can do to make your ideas a reality. Working with big names such as Domino’s, Specsavers and Rekordelig has taught us the importance of unique campaigns.

Nothing stops creation; every once in a while, something comes along that sparks it into life. From a Roman stylus to the tool we use today, millions of pencils have crossed the hands of geniuses through the centuries. Nothing stops the pencil. Zero gravity has not even stopped the pencil. In fact, you will have to draw a 35-mile line to run out the average pencil. Made a mistake? Rub it out. Don’t have a rubber? Take a leaf out of a middle-aged artists book and use bread crumbs. From Ernest Hemmingway to John Steinbeck. From Edison customising his pencils to GottaBe! designing our own.

The Pencil Project – How To Get Your GottaBe! Pencil

All you need now is the space to draw on. Don’t worry, we have that covered as well! Fill in the form here and get our pencil delivered straight to you, complete with design space and the inspiration behind our pencil. We hope that the humble pencil inspires you as much as it does us.