Spotify On The Power of Audio Advertising

14th July 2020

Earlier in the week we attended the second digital webinar hosted by Spotify about Spotify for Brands and the series is introducing businesses to how Spotify is a brilliant way of investing your ad spend and can also create new advertising experiences for your customers, both current and potential. The session was hosted by members of Spotify’s marketing and creative solutions teams and not only were they very friendly but they were really great at teaching us more about audio advertising through Spotify and the ways in which to do so.

UK Audio Streaming Grows By 12.7%

Since 2018, the United Kingdom has seen an audio streaming growth of 12.7% with a staggering, further 32% rise during lockdown. This means that here in the United Kingdom, 286 million individuals are streaming each month. During the first ten days of March there was a 1,400% growth in work from home playlists, seeing three songs in particular featuring on nearly every WFH playlist.

Top Three Work From Home Playlist Tracks

  • Fifth Harmony – Work from Home (feat. Ty Dolla Sign)
  • Dolly Parton – 9 To 5
  • The Weeknd – Blinding Lights

The webinar moved on to sharing particular campaigns and case studies with attendees to give us an idea of how effective and creative advertisers and marketeers can be with audio advertising. One particular campaign was a collaboration between Adidas and Spotify, aimed at the US and German markets. The campaign was centred around a new style of shoe launching that has glow in the dark design features. Spotify integrated an analysis system that collated data on the customers and put together a playlist of top tracks and artists played between the hours of 6.00PM and 6.00AM, to highlight how we change when the evening rolls around. The interactivity and attention to detail was clearly flawless and as a result saw over 34.4 million impressions from users.

ASMR Schwepps Campaign

Another campaign that was discussed was one that was done for Schwepps. This ASMR based campaign used the iconic noise of carbonated air escaping as the bottle is opened in addition to the sound of the fizzing to whet our appetites for a refreshingly cold drink. As it happens, the drinks industry has recently undergone a massive change thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and as a result has primed drinks brands to be in a fantastic position in which to benefit from this type of advertising. With many stockists of drinks brands not placing orders, many drinks brands have turned to direct-to-consumer business model and some non-alcoholic drinks brands have seen a 400% sales increase as a result.

Key Takeaways From The Audio Advertising Webinar

  • Ensure that when advertising with audio that your brand and advert are aligned with the mood/music/podcast
  • When advertising on podcasts, 52% of listeners trust an ad more if you advertise using the creators of the podcast or the creators of one similar
  • If you have a signature jingle, make sure to use it, for example, McDonalds, Intel
  • Drive digital footfall by highlighting any sales, promotions or discount codes
  • Be clear and stay on message
  • Advertisements with a call-to-action (CTA) have 4.4x more engagement than those that do not

Creating Digital Audio Advertising Campaigns With Spotify Ad Studio

We know what you’re thinking. It all sounds absolutely brilliant, but how on earth do we make the advertisements and of course, how could we possibly afford such methods. Well worry not, you are not alone in thinking that; some of the other attendees asked the very same questions. This segued into Spotify’s Ad Studio. This creative hub is a self service platform allowing brands of all sizes to access it, create their ad, select their audience and then share it with the world. What’s better is that the minimum ad spend you need for the Ad Studio is £250.00.

The final part of the webinar introduced many to Spotify for Creatives. The streaming company’s space in which for creative individuals to gain inspiration for their advertisements and techniques in which to improve them. The Spotify for Creatives site and Ad Studio platform are tools that Spotify believe all industries can benefit from, and that audio advertising is a method that lends itself perfectly to every company. Even if you are unsure about taking the plunge into audio advertising, simply by having a company Spotify profile, you can better engage with pre-existing and prospective clients by sharing playlists – if you’re looking for inspiration, feel free to follow our Spotify by clicking here. We do monthly playlists and if we may say, they’re pretty good!

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