Say “hello” to Michał

14th January 2019

Our ever expanding team would like to welcome our newest edition to GottaBe!, Michal has joined us in 2019 to take-over GottaBe! Health, our health division as well as supporting our ethnic customers.

Michal’s bi-lingual ability is set to fortify our diverse client base over the coming years as we push to expand our innovative marketing to all areas of the community. He brings his experience from the estate industry, where “keeping a healthy relationships with our customers over 120 branches” was his main role. Michal says that he is excited to use the skills he has also learnt in the customer service industry to “support ethnic minorities and organised events for them to interact with each other. It is crucial for people to stick together and support each other and using this, my main objective it to support people and help them make the right decision to grow their companies’” Michal says he has enjoyed GottaBe! so far: “everyone is friendly and happy to help; I feel like I’m at home. A massive change for me is the high work ethics from everyone”

Our new colleague has joined us as a Sales & Account Executive and Michal’ job is to take GottaBe! Health, our online health store to the next level. Aside from that, Michal will be also supporting and helping our ethnic Clients, including those from Poland, to grow and continue to expand in the UK and Ireland.

It’s safe to say that we couldn’t be happier to have Michal with us and hope that you get the chance to speak to him soon! If you would like to reach out to Michał, drop him a line to