My week at GottaBe! – work experience

8th July 2017

I’m Hannah a 16-year-old college student, I’ve been luckily enough to do my work experience at GottaBe! Marketing. Having be given the opportunity to work at a company like this it was very exciting. At the start, I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect but 3 days in and I started to really enjoy it.

I’ve being looking up events, fashion shows, charity shows and sporting events for one of their clients as well as writing up some case studies that the company have been a part of. I’ve also learnt so much already about how a company works and the hard work that really goes into it, like creating proposals, finding Brand Ambassadors, organising different events, photoshoots and researching various data.

I think work experience is a very good thing and is a great opportunity for college students like me, it gives us a taste of what the real world is because at school we may not realise at the time but school was a lot easier than we think and the working world brings in a lot of responsibility, reliability and commitment whereas at school if you didn’t do well it was only your GSCE’s and A levels after school it’s your life. Work experience also allows us to see if what we have dreamed to do is what suits us and is everything we expected for example if someone wanted to be a banker but had experience at a bank and didn’t enjoy it, it then allows them to think about what they want to do again and really have a think about what their characteristics and personality suits.

Work experience allows a person to show how passionate they are about an industry and if they enjoy it then that experience will help them in the future and they can always look back and use as a reference when applying for jobs and it will show employer how that person has commitment and already been introduced to the basics of this industry. Work experience has allowed me to realise what my strengths and weaknesses are, the areas I’m less confident in are working independently with not much instruction but noticing this has allowed me to try and improve on it. I’ve also noticed my strengths and that’s my people skills and I can use this as an advantage in the future.

As much as work experience benefits me I also think it has a huge benefit for the GottaBe! and other companies because they are supporting the local community by giving people like me a chance. Sometimes work experience can help other employees in that company because they become a mentor to people like me and can expand their knowledge by teaching because like everyone says, ‘practice makes perfect’. Having work experience people come in, benefits a company like GottaBe! because it’s a fresh face and someone with a new lease of energy and excitement of what they are doing. It’s also someone with new ideas and a different look on situations, the company can therefore get their opinion.

As someone doing work experience myself I do believe it’s a great chance for people like me and is an experience, I won’t forget and can also use for the rest of my life and not just to put on my CV but to use physically in the future and my future career. So far, I’ve loved my work experience at GottaBe! and I’m sure that the next few days are going to be just as good and I will continue to learn new skills and expand my knowledge and understanding of marketing company and how the real world of work is like.