How The GottaBe! Team Coped with Quarantine During COVID-19

29th May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the topic on everyone’s minds for the whole of 2020 so far and despite feeling it may be on the decline, we find our way of life altered, permanently.

Living In Lockdown During COVID-19

Despite not being together, the team here at GottaBe! have made sure to engage in the discussion of how we have been getting on in lockdown and what we felt we have learnt from it.

“Working from home has presented its challenges and much of this depends on your work set-up and whether you have the facilities at home. As someone who was often first to arrive in the office and the last to leave, I initially found it hard to adjust to a new routine – not having to commute. It took about a week to adjust to.

The effectiveness varies business to business. For us at GottaBe!, we have adjusted pretty well. Those with children would likely find this beneficial in that they are getting that time with their children. On the flip side, parents are learning that home schooling is not as straightforward as it initially seemed.”

Working from home has come with benefits and negatives. The benefits include getting to work in your PJ’s, never being late for work and of course, not having to commute. The negatives would be distractions from others in the household, constant snacking and feeling lonely.”

Lockdown Experiences From The GottaBe! Team

Tomasz, Managing Director

“I’m really grateful that our jobs are ones that we can perform at home and also that our clients are adapting their marketing plans to the new normal. I enjoy working in my own space and find it is a great motivator. I have realised that despite working in a team, we can work equally as effectively during this time of separation and isolation. I’m intrigued to see how the industry will change going forward and how we all adapt to these new changes.”

Shanice, Client Services Manager

“I’m so grateful that as marketers, our job is one that can accommodate working from home. By working at home, we are able to focus on our own to do lists, yet still be there to support each other. Admittedly, it has been blissful not having to style my hair for nearly three months and having enough moisturiser on to rival an oil slick.

The sudden change in the industry’s pace and approach has meant that for many it has been a case of learning about the industry all over again. This has been exciting, despite the heartbreaking impact this pandemic has had globally.

I hope that we all learn from this and make sure to enjoy life’s little moments.”

What Are Your Lockdown Lessons? Get In Touch And Share Them With Us

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