Healthy Team Training with Anna Lewandowska in London!

11th January 2018

It is coming up to GottaBe!’s ten-year anniversary, and to commemorate this exciting milestone, the team have decided to come together again with Polish fitness instructor Anna Lewandowska to coordinate  a fitness event – Healthy Team Training in February. GottaBe has been in partnership with Anna Lewandowska for over three years now, and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show our current and potential clients, what we really have to offer.

What’s more, we’re delighted to announce that two of our Clients; TastyBite as well as Pol Plan Insurance, part of A-Plan Insurance Group have decided to become a sponsors of the Healthy Team Training with Anna Lewandowska.

Anna has won several medals at various levels in Karate, including the World, European and Polish Championships. She is a nutrition specialist and author, who runs and updates her world famous health blog ‘Healthy Plan by Anna’. This is a fantastic blog and has won international recognition from health and fitness experts. Alongside this, she is married to the famous footballer, Robert Lewandowski.

The first time we worked with Anna was in 2015, where we held similar events in Birmingham, Southampton, London and Dublin. These took place on separate weekends in May and November and both occasions were a roaring success, with tickets selling out at every event. Visitors had the opportunity to meet Anna, get a professional photograph taken and were given many fitness related gifts. Here at GottaBe!, we take pride in these events; we sell the tickets, sign up sponsors and event partners, and run PR/communications throughout. We will also be taking full management of Anna and her team from Poland to Dublin to the UK and then back again. This includes organising the flights, hotels, food and transport. We will also be responsible for the mechanics of the operation; arranging the dates and locations, making sure there is sufficient amounts of space and good sound systems.

This year, we have gone above and beyond by creating a new website called which highlights our best events. It currently features this fitness event, with up to date information and provides a link to purchase a ticket. This website also provides visitors with information on how to get to the event, along with the nearest tube and train stations.

Whether you are new or a returner and would like to attend this fun and exciting event, then please head over to and get your ticket before it’s too late!