Healthy launch to a new division

1st May 2018

This spring, GottaBe! Marketing has begun a new venture and opened up GottaBe! Health; an online shop, that proudly stocks ‘foods by Ann’. The range of products we stock is created by Anna Lewandowska, a Polish athlete and award winning, karate champion. This derives from her ongoing health campaign, ‘Healthy Plan by Ann’ which has been recognised internationally by health and fitness experts alike. Alongside this, Anna is the wife of famous Polish and Bayern Munich football player, Robert Lewandowski.


The team at GottaBe! Marketing have been working with Anna and her team for numerous years, organising her fitness events across the UK and Ireland, which has built up an excellent relationship between us and them. Because of this, Managing Director, Tomasz Dyl approached Anna about working with her to promote her work and products in the UK and she agreed! The GottaBe! Health website offers all the products that are available on the Foods by Ann website, including some of Anna’ merchandise and accessories.


The variety of products range from energy bars, through to muesli and ingredients for cooking, such as coconut oil and mousse. These products are all made from 100% organic and natural ingredients, and as time goes on, GottaBe! Health will post weekly blogs on the best ways to use the products and provide recipe ideas. The delivery cost is £2.99, however for orders over £60 or more, the delivery is free!


If you are into health and fitness, and would like to have a look or purchase any of Anna’s products, then head over to: where you will find more information, in both English and Polish. In addition to this, if you interested in stocking foods by Ann in your shop / gym / café or another type of business? Simply drop us an email at and we will be more than happy to assist you. We’re always looking out for new stockists who would like to bring foods by Ann to the High Street.