GottaBe! Welcomes A New Addition To The Team – The Digi-Van!

20th May 2016

Digi-Vans are like the Batmobiles of direct marketing, a mobile billboard that can be driven directly to your intended target audience, fighting past the impracticalities of fixed billboards, to be your advertising hero!

Take Your Billboard To Your Target Audience With Digi-Van

Unlike fixed advertisements found on billboards or on bus stops, Digi-Vans offer a unique experience, as they can pretty much go wherever your target audience is located.

Adding flexibility to outdoor marketing, we create bespoke routes that specifically target locations where your target audience is located. This is because, unlike busses that must follow designated routes, our Digi-Vans can go along any road and stop wherever they wish*.

Two LED Screens

On top of this, they have the attraction factor, with two massive LED screens on each side that turn heads wherever they go, with your attractive adverts and animations that get people talking.

This is one of the fastest growing forms of mobile advertising, targeting huge numbers of people at any one time, as they can be placed in the middle of the busiest crowds, on the busiest streets.

Complement Digi-Van With Outdoor Experiential Marketing

You can also tie in other forms of outdoor and experiential marketing with our Digi-Vans, complementing your campaign with Brand Ambassadors handing out leaflets and flyers, or sampling the latest delicious drink to hit our stores – the possibilities to maximise the spread of your campaign is endless.

When it comes to Digi-Vans, we guarantee superhero results, so make sure you get in touch now, as GottaBe! HQ is ready to plan your next campaign.

Resolution: Actual 10mm Pixel Pitch

Screen Area (each screen): 6 sq meteres
Screen Size (each screen): 3200mm x 1920mm
Screen Brightness: 5500-7000 NIT
Screen’s Per Unit: 2
Onboard generator and control centre

*permissions from councils permitting

Written by Sam Lovell, Client Service Manager

(more images coming soon)