GottaBe! Supporting Future Labs At Goodwood Festival of Speed

19th July 2021

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is held in the picturesque parkland surrounding Goodwood House. The festival is known as the world’s greatest celebration of motorsport and car culture. After being postponed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic we were delighted to hear that the event would be used as part of the governments trial events initiative, it was a pleasure after so long to provide promotional staffing at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The GottaBe! Marketing Team headed down to the prestigious event held on the 8th– 11th July 2021 and teamed up with events company, Catapult to support the Small Robot Company in revolutionising the agri-tech industry and Emotiv, a neurotech company, whose mind-controlled Scalextric stole the show. 

Festival Of Speed, An Event For Every Brand

Each year Goodwood attracts thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world to engage with the brands that are attending. It is a great opportunity for brands such as Small Robot Company, Emotiv and many more to engage face to face with people of all backgrounds. 

Of course, the event has a strong automotive focus however, there are opportunities for brands in areas such as The Future Labs Stand with a future-tech focus or consumer brands within Goodwood’s stall-based areas. This could be a great opportunity for your brand so why not get in touch with us, we can help with an end-to-end solution and by providing promo staffing.

How We Supported Future Labs At Goodwood Festival of Speed

GottaBe! Marketing has supported the Goodwood Festival of Speed for a number of years. This year we supported Catapult, Small Robot Company and Emotiv on the Future Lab stand (sponsored by bp). Future Labs is one of the biggest stands at the festival and boasts the next generation of technology and robots that can achieve the unimaginable.

Small Robot Company

The Small Robot Company, founded in 2017, develops agricultural robots and artificial intelligence that aim to make food production more sustainable. By replacing pesticides with electricity and precision to destroy weeds per plant farming technology will not contribute to the existing problem of herbicide-resistant weeds.

Per plant farming technology was presented with the help of our staff to the public and potential investors, it did not take much to invest with a minimum investment of £10 you could be a part of this innovative project. Agricultural robots Tom and Dick were displayed at the event, they work together to destroy weeds. Below we outline the roles that Tom and Dick play in the agricultural world.

Tom’s role: 

  • Controlled by an app
  • Delivers a mapping service to scan fields and provide a report based on the conditions
  • Covers 20 hectares per day

Dick’s role:

  • Remote Controlled
  • Zaps weeds identified by Tom
  • Reports how many weeds have been zapped


Emotiv is a neurotechnology company that develops and manufactures wearable ultra-portable EEG Brainwear®. Emotiv was founded in 2011 and has the mission to “empower individuals to understand their brain and accelerate brain research globally.”

Product Demonstrations Of EEG Brainwear® For Emotive

A Scalextric tabletop track could be used by up to four users at a time. Two members of the public could volunteer to wear the headset at a time, and each was assisted by our team of product demo/sampling specialists in doing so. The headset wearers could power the movement of the cars using their brain signals and stop the movement when their thoughts were in a neutral state.

Discover Our Promotional Staffing Services

Our team of promo staffing specialists did an excellent job of supporting and showcasing The Small Robot Company’s agricultural robots. Our team helped make the experience memorable for children by supervising them whilst they drove their very own remote-control cars. Fun graphical stickers were handed out featuring the weeds Dick the Robot was speedily zapping in the nearby field.

Emotiv’s tabletop track went down a blast with attendees of the Goodwood Festival of Speed with both adults (including our staff) and enthusiastic children! Our friendly promo staff helped ensure the correct fit of the EEG Brainwear® on the public and guided them through the process of how to control the movement of the cars using the power of their brain signals as part of our product demo service.

Throughout the four-day festival our dependable team did an excellent job of engaging attendees with the new and exciting technology developed by The Small Robot company and Emotiv by educating them on how the products work, the benefits they hold for the future of motor vehicles and why they are technologies worth investing in. 

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