Bringing a taste of home to various events

4th October 2016

When travelling to a foreign country, one of the first things we do is try the local delicacies, sampling new flavours and dishes that you wouldn’t normally be able to enjoy in your own country. 

This also reflects on one of the last things you we on our visit, when we tend to purchase our favourite treats we have tried to bring back to friends and families at home.

However, with the rise of globalisation and free movement of not only people, but also commodities, our favourite holiday treats are finding their way onto shelves back at home. As a result, GottaBe! Ethnic, a sister company of GottaBe!, has been sampling a range of Polish cakes and breads at events up and down the country on behalf of Polish Village Bread and their sister brand, Polish Village Bakery.

Polish Village Bread / Bakery delivers more than ten thousand Polish baked products such as wheat, rye and fitness breads, sweet buns, doughnuts and cakes to Polish and Eastern European delicatessens in the UK every day, 7 days a week.

img_304050Regarding the events our Brand Ambassadors have been working on behalf of the bakery at concerts and sold out arenas in locations including The Forum in London and O2 ABC1 in Glasgow. Here they have been handing out trays full of Polish cakes and traditional Polish bread slices to partygoers.

GottaBe! Ethnic, a multicultural marketing agency, has also worked with the bakery to secure a number of key sponsorships and has helped execute these by providing Polish Village Bread / Bakery with bilingual Brand Ambassadors. This has included key ethnic family events, concerts and theatre shows for popular Polish artists.

Over the next few months, GottaBe! will be representing the client at some of the biggest events in Glimg_400403asgow, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Manchester, Bristol and London to name but a few.

If you would like to try out a Polish cake and dance till dusk to some of the best known Polish tunes, let us know by dropping us a line to

GottaBe Ethnic is a sister brand of GottaBe! specialising in ethnic / multicultural marketing. To learn more about their services, click here.