A Simple Guide On How To Make Your Business Sustainable And Eco-Friendly

27th January 2021

Making your business more sustainable and eco-friendly can attract more customers and improve your reputation as a company. Sustainability should be at the heart of all business

Start with your office

Given that this is the main space (or, was the main space) where your employees work, it’s so important to make your office design as sustainable as possible. This will prove to both visitors and clients that sustainability is at the heart of your business and what you stand for as a company. Balance ethical and sustainable practice into your office design – there are tons of innovative ways to do this! An ecological office design can also improve your energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption, which can lead to more profit.

Moreover, improving the efficiency of your office can also maximise the productivity of your employees. Natural light has been known to aid concentration and help to boost our mood as we work. In fact, the Harvard Business Review calls natural light the ‘number one office perk’.

A green energy tariff can help your business

A great starting point when it comes to sustainable business is switching to a green energy tariff. What’s a green energy tariff? Essentially, it is an energy plan that is focused on renewable energy, such as wind, solar and geothermal. They aren’t more expensive, and you can be reassured that your company is being powered by clean energy, rather than fossil fuels. This will help to advance your green business credentials and empower your employees to prioritise green energy too. In general, switching suppliers can save you a lot of money as well!

Make your products sustainable

Did you know that 75% of millennial consumers are willing to pay more for the products and services they use when they know they are sustainable? There’s no greater incentive to make your products as sustainably as possible. But how can you do this? Invest in renewable materials and clean manufacturing processes; make annual donations to green charities; and publish your green credentials. Customers won’t know how green your products are unless you tell them.

Make sustainability a priority everywhere

It isn’t enough to incorporate a few sustainable practices here and there. Instead, engage your employees with your company’s green initiatives, and add sustainable elements at every level of your business architecture. This will bring long-term rewards and recognition. For example:

  • Collaborate with other companies or individuals who prioritise sustainability in business
  • Monitor and review processes and supply chains
  • Onboard new staff and train them on sustainable practices
  • Invest in the future through green charitable initiatives

Making these small but achievable changes can help to improve the sustainability of your business and attract more customers.