A Big Welcome To Our Newest Interns

24th January 2015

New year, new resolutions and GottaBe! is pleased to announce that two new members are joining our team, on work placement from Southampton’s Solent University.

New Interns At GottaBe!

Through our continued relationship with Solent University, Tom Beck and Shanice Maskery, will be working in our office, taking on projects and learning and developing their skills, to help them further in their Business Management Degree’s.

Both students are in their second year and GottaBe! prides ourselves on helping students to develop in the world of marketing, honing their knowledge and understanding in a work environment and hopefully giving them some invaluable experience in a competitive field.

On entering the office for the first time, we asked both students two questions to see what they were hoping to get out of their work experience with GottaBe!.

Q.1 Why did you choose a placement with GottaBe!?

Tom: I chose a placement with GottaBe! because I found the assignment very interesting last year and I became very interested about the company. I saw the company is growing year on year and I wanted to be a part of that success. I also see myself in marketing in my future career, so this placement was perfect for me.

Shanice: GottaBe! is a successful business that I believe I can learn more from, but also in the placement develop my current skills which I have learnt whilst being at University. GottaBe! Can open up more options for my future career.

Q.2 What are you looking forward to doing at GottaBe!?

Tom: It will all be a great experience for me, however there are a couple of things I am particularly excited about. Shanice and I will be running our own project with a business called Wham Bam Tikka and we will also be involved with event planning, such as the 50 years of Southampton exhibition.

Shanice: I am looking forward to working on events which Tom and I will be planning, as this will help me with my confidence skills. I am also looking forward to meeting new people and increasing my connections.

We are sure both students are going to do very well and we can’t wait to get started, good luck and welcome to the team!