When Is The Best Time To Target Students?

18th July 2016

Throughout the year, many companies target students with marketing campaigns, tapping into a lucrative market that can be individually targeted around key dates in the student calendar. This is because times of celebration, receiving money and welcome events, are significant to student life.

Best Time To Target Students

Therefore, below is a list of key dates and periods that we target students for our clients: 

A-Level Results & University Clarification Day

On the 18th August 2016, dreams for many will be made, as A-Level students receive their A-Level results and find out if they have made it into University. This is a time of celebration, with gifts of congratulations purchased, plus a period of time when businesses witness a noticeable surge in items purchased to kit out bedrooms and kitchens, with the joy of students moving into their new homes.

Freshers’ Week – mid-September onwards

The one week students look forward to more than any other! For new students, it is their first taste of student life, the one week many remember for the rest of their lives – or not for some. As well as copious amounts of alcohol being consumed, this is also the time for Freshers’ Fair, a time for students to sign up to the Universities society’s and sports teams. Plus, come face-to-face with businesses local to their campus for the first time, receiving a concoction of useful and helpful gifts and information, to help them through their student lives. 

Student Loans

Three times a year, students rub their hands together in eagerness for their student finances to drop into their bank account. On average, students will receive £3,750 a year to help towards living costs, but this can be much higher. Either way, when loan day comes in, students love to spend, investing in a plethora of products from household items to the latest most wanted gadgets. The dates for these are normally around the end of September, beginning of January and beginning of April.

Refreshers – end of January

Not contempt with the annual Freshers’ mayhem, University campuses now find themselves welcoming Refreshers events on their timetables. Marking the end of January exams, Refreshers begins at the end of the month and celebrates the end of exams and 1st semester – many events are set up to toast and celebrate.

End Of Year Celebrations – end of May to mid-July

Marking the end of 2nd semester, students celebrate the years end, putting behind the stress of coursework and dissertation deadlines and exams. As well as nights out, many students enjoy meals with course and housemates and start to think of moving back home with their parents.

Graduation – mid-July onwards

This day marks the end of student life, it is a time to enjoy with friends and family, as students rejoice in their achievements and receive their scroll to authenticate their degree. As well as wearing the famous graduation gowns and throwing their caps in the air, many families reward hard work with a meal out and / or presents. This is also a busy time for hotels and the date varies from University to University.




With Freshers’ Week fast approaching, we thought we would ask colleagues and friends what they found most useful during Freshers’ Fair:


Sam – I found Freshers’ Fair very useful for a number of reasons, not only could I sign up to the sports teams and course societies, but Freshers’ Fair was brilliant, as I collected a load of useful items, including stationary and kitchen utensils.

Rich – was a great time to talk to the sports teams and sign up to their trials, during the Fair I was given a number of goody bags, which included wooden spatula, rulers and a year planner which was very useful as I planned my whole year on it.

Shanice – I was given a wide range of items at Freshers’ Fair, many of the branded items were good reminders of companies local to me and the free Dominoes and energy drinks were really good.

Tomasz – The Freshers’ Fair was a great way to discover new companies, plus get free samples and money off vouchers to help me during my Uni year. I found stress balls and notepads very useful, as I could use these on a daily basis.


Written By Sam Lovell, Client Service Manager