Video Testimonials & The Growth of Video and Podcasts – What You Need To Do As A Business To Be Seen & Trendy

2nd October 2019

There’s no doubt that navigating that ever-changing digital landscape is continually evolving and more often than not these days, when you start to find your groove and begin seeing results from your efforts, algorithms or trends change and you’re back to square one… Frustrating, right? With it being International Podcast Day today, we thought we’d discuss two particular trends in content creation and content marketing right now. These being video content and podcasts.

While no, these forms of media are not new, they have been creeping around, edging ever closer to the preferred forms of content. Traditionally video content for brands was advertisements that you would see on television and then of course, on the internet. Then came the rise of social media and subsequently, promotional content had to change.

Video Content And Podcasts

Video Content/Testimonials

YouTube allowed customers to become tastemakers, or as we now know them: influencers. Now in 2019, brands are finding themselves in positions whereby they have dedicated teams or outsource to agencies to focus their attention on social media platforms and stay up-to-date with digital trends. Video content is engaging and, when short, easily digestible for audiences. It’s shareable and at times, viral. With YouTube being the leading platform for video content, many brands have utilised it in order to reach new consumers, grow business and in some case, have nearly doubled their profits. In recent times too, brands are starting to delve into video testimonials. They’re more appealing to potential consumers, seem more authentic and are again, more engaging than a written one. For beauty brands, for example, it is a great way for people interested in the brand to see what current customers are saying about the brand and even see the products in use.


Now podcasts are an old medium when you compare them to something such as social media but in recent years, they have continually grown in popularity. The great thing about podcasts is that because there is one for almost every interest and niche, you are guaranteed to have an engaged and devoted listener base when you utilise them. Many brands are now investing chunks of their marketing budget into advertising on select podcasts, whereas other brands are choosing to produce their own podcast. There was once a time where podcasts were difficult to listen to but with streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud, it’s never been easier to find your new listening fix.

What You Can Do

As a brand it’s important to make sure that you’re being heard in the sea of social media noise and competition. If you’re looking to grow your exposure, online presence or customer base, then content marketing is most definitely one way to start. Create some video content for your website or social media, advertise on a podcast or heck, why not make your own! Unsure of how to go about this or what to do, feel free to get in touch with us! We don’t bite, will tailor our advice to your business needs and above all make you feel welcome. For more information about GottaBe! or to get started on your visual/audio voyage, you can call us on 023 8063 4283 or pop us over an e-mail on

Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash