Traditional Marketing Still Holds The Power

1st September 2020

Despite having faced some of the most challenging times we have ever encountered this year, the team here at GottaBe! are proud to say that we are almost back to our normal operations of deploying our hard-working Brand Ambassadors to spread the word of our clients’ products and services.

The uncertainty surrounding the advertising and marketing industries have been incredibly high so we could not be happier to be back out there seeing the campaigns we’ve coordinated pick up again.

Raising Awareness For Broadway Partners In Wales

Most recently we have been working with broadband provider, Broadway Partners to raise awareness of their services and collect the details of interested parties. This campaign has been conducted through our Brand Ambassadors working in the fields over in Wales to execute the campaign, on a door-to-door basis. So far we have seen an impressive lead generation rate, showing that traditional marketing mediums are still highly effective, despite the evermore digital world we live in.

Supporting The NHS & The Government With COVID-19 Print Marketing

We have also been working with the NHS again, however this time to create and distribute printed posters and materials to remind individuals of the government warnings in relation to COVID-19. The materials produced have also been done so in a variety of languages that will support those whom do not speak English as a first language.

The printed materials will then be displayed in department stores, other retail spaces, restaurants and hotels. This approach to ensuring more languages are covered with these materials will enable individuals to stay safe and it also attests to traditional marketing proving highly effective.

Photo by Karine Germain on Unsplash