Student Marketing Strategies: When is the best time to target students?

8th January 2024

Throughout the year, many companies focus on marketing campaigns aimed at students. This is because students can easily be targeted individually around key dates within their academic calendars.

In this blog post, we’ll share the main dates that should definitely be in your strategy and others that often slip under the radar.

A-Level Results & University Clarification Day
August brings the excitement of A-level results and determining students’ university admission. This time witnesses increased purchases of congratulatory gifts and a surge in kitchen and bedroom items to kit out their new homes.

Freshers’ Week
The one-week students look forward to more than any other! For new students, it is their first taste of student life, the one week many remember for the rest of their lives – or not for some. Beyond the fun, it’s a time for Freshers’ Fairs, where students join societies and sports teams and engage with local businesses on campus.

Student Loans
Over 2/3 of students rely on student loans, receiving lump sums three times an academic year. These funds fuel their spending habits, from household items to luxuries like the latest gadgets.

National Pizza Day
Students love their takeaways… but especially pizza!

Mobile Billboard Advertising

Check out this campaign we did with Domino’s to engage the student community.

Student Union Elections
Student Union elections occur in both autumn and summer, with many students voting in them. The elections have a big impact on uni life and give students the chance for their voices to be heard.

Galentine’s & Valentine’s Day
Almost 30% of Gen Z choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends, and out of all the generations, Gen Z are the biggest spenders on Valentine’s Day.

A post-exam celebration at the end of January, Refreshers events follow the annual Freshers’ chaos.

Six Nations Tournament
There are over 60 university rugby leagues in the UK, making the Six Nations a highly popular event on campus. Many Student Unions will host viewing parties on the big screens with competitive food and drink deals.

The Housing Hunt
Students are most likely looking for new housing during November, January, July, and August.

National Best Friends Day
They say university is where you meet friends for life!

A significant milestone, graduation marks the end of academic journeys. Students celebrate achievements with friends and family, often receiving rewards for their hard work.

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