Reach and Engage Multicultural Audiences – The Rulebook

18th May 2020

With over 300 languages spoken in the United Kingdom alone, it can be a difficult for businesses and brands to know how to reach the vast number of consumers. In this particular instance, individuals whom belong to an ethnic minority. These individuals are often overlooked by brands and not considered when looking at reaching new markets. This is partially down to the notion that ethnic minorities in some countries do not possess enough capital to be considered, however this could not be further from the truth.

£300 Billion Spending Power Of Ethnic Minorities

In fact, ethnic minorities here in the UK have a spending power of £300 billion! The luxury markets here in the UK have customer bases that are primarily made up of groups from the Middle East, South East Asia and Russia.

Reach And Engage Multicultural Audiences – The Rulebook

It’s the above that really had us wondering why we haven’t utilised our years and years of experience in ethnic marketing to help you and your business in engaging with these audiences. This has subsequently led to the event we are here to tell you about today: Reach and Engage Multicultural Audiences – The Rulebook’.

GottaBe’s Multicultural Audiences Webinar

The first webinar by GottaBe! And hopefully one of many! We will be taking to Zoom on Tuesday 19th May 2020 at 10.00 BST to discuss the power that ethnic minorities hold as customers and our Managing Director, Tomasz, will be sharing the results of a survey we recently conducted on advertising preferences for ethnic minorities. This will be followed by a brand speaker and an influencer panel where we will conclude by taking questions from attendees.

It’s an exciting time for us here at GottaBe! As we feel that this webinar will allow us to come together despite the current circumstances.

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